What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

May new golfers get confused about what hand do you wear a golf glove on? You may have observed that some experienced golfers choose to wear golf gloves on one hand but not both. This behavior may not make sense to you as an amateur golfer. However, further observation may reveal different types of golf gloves in different situations. While one golfer may give you one type of advice, another golfer might tell you something different. This situation might confuse you while figuring out the right glove fit and size.

What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove on?

Fortunately, depending on your golfing style, preferences, and prevailing golfing conditions, we have an accurate answer for you. This article answers the question, “What hand do you wear a golf glove on?” while advising you on how to make the most of your golf gloves. First, let us look at reasons to wear golf gloves.

Are Golf Gloves Necessary?

Yes, golf gloves are necessary, and even though they aren’t a compulsory accessory, they are highly recommended. Here are several reasons why:

  • Improving Grip

Typically, sweat on your skin on a hot day would cause the club to turn as you swing. Therefore, the top golf gloves for sweaty hands have grooves and contours that keep the club steady, ensuring accuracy in your swing. Additionally, the material used will sustain that grip no matter how long you play. Those without golf gloves tend to have a perfect grip as soon as they start playing. However, they lose it after a few rounds when they’re tired.

  • Injury Prevention

Few people can grip a golf club for long without their hands blistering and calluses forming. Therefore, golf gloves with a soft inner layer and a tough outer layer significantly minimize such injuries.

  • Warmth

If you’re playing in chilly weather, your hands may get uncomfortably cold. A pair of the best winter golf gloves will keep your hands warm, enabling you to focus comfortably on your game. 

what hand do you wear a golf glove on

On Which Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove?

The answer to this question is that you wear the glove on your lead hand. However, this does not dismiss other reasons, as we’re about to find out.

Most golfers wear one glove, typically on the lead hand. Therefore, if you are left-handed, the glove will be on your right hand, and vice versa. Your lead hand is the one that leads the golf club through a swing, the one you place closest to the butt end of the club’s grip. However, some golfers wear gloves on both hands. These individuals prefer an enhanced grip on both hands for that perfect swing. Additionally, they may wear a pair to keep their hands warm on a cold day.

Some players wear golf gloves throughout their game, while others only do so in specific scenarios. It is common for such golfers to wear a glove for full swing shots. They then remove those gloves to putt and for shots around the green.

Tips on Using Golf Gloves

Since golf gloves are essential to your game and your hands, you must make the most of this accessory. Here are several important considerations:

  • Get the Right Size and Fit

Golf glove manufacturers produce a wide range of sizes to cater to golfers. Therefore, you need to find one glove or a pair that fits snugly but not restrictively. With such variations in the market, it’s essential to test out several to find the most suitable. Take time to stretch and curl your fingers and move your hand to feel how comfortable the gloves are.

  • Ensure Compliance With the Sport’s Regulations

Ensure your golf gloves don’t infringe on the set golfing regulations regarding accessories. If you’re participating in official tournaments, you’ll undergo rigorous checks to ensure you’re compliant. Avoid unnecessary complications by buying suitable gloves.

  • Mind the Weather

Pick golf gloves that are suitable for the day’s weather. For example, soft leather gloves work best in fine weather conditions. However, in varying weather conditions, synthetic materials can be more adaptable to those changes. Furthermore, golf rain gloves are ideal when it rains. Therefore, invest in several golf gloves to have the right option for the prevalent weather.

  • Practice Proper Care and Maintenance

Keep your golf gloves clean and in good condition to work well for you. Therefore, repair or replace worn-out gloves. Additionally, sort through your collection and remove those that no longer fit well.


Golf gloves are necessary to give you the perfect grip and prevent your hands from blistering or forming calluses. You only need to wear one on your lead hand and feel its impact on your swing. You won’t know which hand to use correctly or whether to wear gloves the entire game until that point.