Best Winter Golf Gloves – 5 Best Choices

Playing outdoor games in winter is challenging, especially in a game like golf, where you must keep a firm grip on the golf club. Since you’ll be doing some hard swinging, a glove is required to keep the cold out while ensuring your grip stays strong. Most golf gloves would suffice during the summer months, but if you want to keep playing when it’s cold out, you’ll need something with a bit more insulation. That’s when you start looking for the best winter golf gloves.

However, some people already have warm hands in winter and just want a glove that provides a good grip. In this article, we’ll share golf gloves suitable for everyone, offering thermal properties, firm grip, and comfort while you’re wearing them. Here are our top five picks for winter golf gloves.

Top 5 Best Winter Golf Gloves

Our Top Pick

Callaway Weather Spann Golf Gloves

Style, durability, grip and warmth…you get it all with the Callaway Weather Spann Golf Gloves.


If you want class, style, and that all-American feeling, these are the best winter golf gloves. It has a perfect space in the middle that allows you to grip the stick properly. The dots on the gloves keep the grip firm, so no matter how much force and speed you exert, the club won’t slip from your hands.

The whole glove is made from leather, so you can expect a premium feel. It is light and has hooks instead of a zipper. Most golf gloves are only available for one hand, typically the left one. This glove is available for both hands and shorter fingers. It also comes in all sizes, even extra large.

The glove’s Japanese synthetic material provides flexibility and durability and feels great in hand. However, if you use it rigorously, the glove will lose its grip, so if you want it to last long, take care of it like your golf clubs.

Although it keeps your hand warm, the globe does absorb sweat, so your hand won’t get slippery and uncomfortable. This is an added advantage if you’ll be competing for a long time, as you’ll be able to play longer without discomfort.


  • Stretch binding cuff
  • Reinforced palm patches
  • Perforations on the palm
  • 4-way stretch synthetic


  • It might wear out quickly
Our Top Premium Pick

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy is known for quality and these golf gloves are no exception. They are incredibly warm and offer great grip.


If you want a pair of golf gloves that are the best of the best, FootJoy’s golf gloves are an excellent option. You have the option to choose from any size, even the XX-large. These gloves will keep your hands warm and have a good grip, but you might need to put a little force so the stick won’t slip.

Since there is no dedicated shape for griping these gloves, you can’t swing the club with a loose grip. However, the soft palm side of the gloves allows you to get a good grip even in low temperatures. Plus, thanks to its softness, you won’t feel pain in your palms.

It doesn’t matter how cold the weather gets; these water and windproof gloves will keep your hands warm. Moreover, their flexibility allows you to move your hands easily. Also, these gloves are available in a pair, making this an ideal choice for those who love to wear gloves on both hands while playing.


  • Cool-weather grip
  • Sold in pairs
  • Versatility
  • Warm plus windproof


  • May not remain useful in the long term
Best For Rain and Cold Weahter

TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

If you plan to play in weather that is not only cold, but also rainy, then the TaylorMade Rain Control gloves are the best option


These rain gloves are the best if you want a glove that works fine in the rain and won’t lose grip when wet. Their overall design is so neat that they provide instant and long-lasting comfort to help remove hand pain after a long game of golf.

They might be a bit more expensive than the others mentioned in the list, but they have the added advantage of being sold in pairs. Moreover, you can choose from 12 different options, each with a different price.

The best thing about this glove is its design. With grips on the palm and finger, these gloves will keep your club in your hands. Another thing you’ll love is how easy it is to wear and take them off.

Since these gloves are made for winter, they have foam inside to keep your hands warm. Due to the tight closing, the cold air won’t enter the gloves; thus, they remain warm until you take them off. If you are looking for gloves for just rain, then view our best golf rain gloves.

The manufacturers tested these gloves in wet conditions before approving, so rest assured, they’ll work as mentioned.


  • 40% stronger hold
  • Multiple colors available
  • Work best in wet weather
  • Lightweight


  • Weak stitching
Our Top Pick For Comfort

Cobra Golf Stormgrip Golf Gloves

The Cobra Stormgrip golf gloves top our list for comfort. They are very soft and have a lot of stretch in them that provide an excellent fit.


If you want to save money but want a single glove that lasts for a long time and provides ultimate comfort, the Cobra golf glove is your best bet. It is made from 89% polyester and 11% elastane, making it the lightest and softest glove on our list. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come in pairs.

It is available in multiple size ranges, from small to extra large, and the price will change based on your size. While only one glove is available, you can choose the hand orientation (left or right).

The most significant feature of this glove is its comfort while offering a superior grip. There is no need to put extra pressure on the club to grip it properly. Firmly apply pressure, and the glove will keep your club in your hands even in cold weather. However, due to its soft interior, you’ll definitely feel it when you hold the club too tight.

Thanks to its dry performance and an extra moisture membrane, these gloves will stay dry even if your hand is sweaty. You can even use them in the rain, and they won’t lose grip.


  • Form-fitted wristband
  • Purfit tech-lightweight mesh
  • Maximum grip in wet conditions


  • The size might not suit well for short fingers
Best Cart Gloves

Cobra Men’s Winter Mitts

While you can’t wear these while actually hitting shots, these cart mitts allow you to keep your hands warm in between shots.


These gloves are unlike any other; they are made exclusively for those who get extra cold hands in winter. You can also wear them on your gloves to keep your hands warm. These act like an additional coating to cover your hands making them the best winter golf gloves for in between shots.

These gloves are not made for actually hitting shots as they don’t offer a solid grip. However, it has no size restrictions; it’s a universal size that fits all hands, and you can fold them and put them in your pocket to take them anywhere.


  • Insulation-warm fleece lines
  • Foldable
  • One size fits all


  • A little heavier compared to other gloves

Buying Guide: Factors to Note When Buying Cold Weather Golf Gloves


Check the glove for comfort before purchasing so your hands don’t feel pain after a heavy golf session. Soft foam on the inside would be enough to keep your hands comfortable.


Golf gloves are all about the grip; you don’t want the club to fly when you use a little extra force. Ensure the gloves have a grippy texture to keep the golf club in your hands. The ones we mentioned above offer the best grip and comfort.


Glove size matters a lot. A golf glove should be a perfect fit; otherwise, you’ll lose the grip. It would be better to measure by hand and order your exact size for the ultimate experience. If you are unsure, check the size chart for golf gloves to get a better idea.

Single or Pair

Most golf gloves are sold in singles, while some are available in pairs. Paired gloves are available at lower prices, helping you save some bucks. On the other hand, single gloves are more premium but buying two can cost you a lot. It would be better to check first whether you want a single glove or a pair and purchase accordingly.

best winter golf gloves

Best Golf Gloves For Winter- (FAQs)

  1. Can golf gloves keep my hands warm in winter?

That depends on the quality and material of your gloves. Some gloves are thin but offer much better grip, making them suitable for thick hands that won’t feel too cold in winter. On the other hand, golf gloves for winters might not offer the same level of grip, but they are thick enough to keep your hands warm.

  • Are golf gloves expensive?

They are not expensive unless you want a pair of branded golf gloves. You can find quality golf gloves for less than $50.

Final Words

Gloves are necessary for winter to keep your hands warm, and gloves with a good grip are essential to play golf in winter. Alternatively, if you deal with sweaty hands, then make sure to view our best golf gloves for sweaty hands.

Above are the five best winter golf gloves and the criteria you should use while shopping. We’re sure you can find a glove that best suits your needs, so you can get a hole-in-one no matter the weather.