Best Golf Bag Cooler – The 8 Best Options

Who doesn’t love to get out on the golf course with some buddies and some cold beverages! However, that can all be spoiled if you can’t keep them cold. With the help of one of the best golf bag cooler options, you can eliminate that problem. Let us help you choose the best golf cooler bags for your needs and you can go enjoy some golf.

Golf Bag Coolers Reviewed in This Guide

Best Golf Bag Coolers List

1. Dynasty Golf Beer Sleeve

If you are looking for the best golf bag cooler that you can carry in your main golf bag, I believe this Dynasty Golf bag cooler will win you over. The entire bag measures 19.5 x 8 x 1.4 inches, a perfect size to fit in most golf bags. As much as the bag is compact, rest assured that you can carry enough drinks with it.

Bearing a carrying capacity of 6 12- oz cans, this is a bag you can even carry drinks to share with your partner while enjoying your golf tournaments. If you have ever had issues with golf bag zippers, you need to look at this model.

The bag consists of a super strong zip that will not easily break or jam even after opening and closing. For the primary purpose of the bag, it is meant to keep your drink chill for a whole day. The interior has thick closed-cell foam, and in addition, it has a reusable freezer gel pack for additional cold.

Key features

  • The bag has 300x600D polyester materials
  • The capacity carries either six 12-ounce cans or four 16-ounce cans
  • The bag has an extra gel freezer pack
  • This golf bag cooler has a compact size design
  • It is a versatile bag for outdoor activities

2. Stay Chill Golf Beer Sleeve, 7 Can Insulated Golf Bag Cooler

As the name states, this golf cooler bag keeps your drink cans chill even when enjoying your game under high heat. It is an excellent bag cooler for those who don’t want people knowing the extra accessories they have in their golf bag. Hence, this cooler bag can comfortably fit in your golf bag.

The sleek style allows you to hide your beer cans so that no one notices what you are carrying. It has a removable shoulder strap; thus, it is quite possible if you want to bring this bag cooler separately.

The PEVA insulation lining materials are resistant to outdoor weather elements and are leakproof. Therefore, if you enjoy other outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking or even trekking, this bag will safely carry your drinks to take while on the move. This cooler may be sleek, but the capacity can bring seven standard 12 oz cans.

The tough ballistic nylon 1680D fabric construction ensures this bag lasts you for many years, even after regular use. Overall, this is a reliable and durable golf bag cooler to get, and if you are not satisfied, it comes with a replacement or money refund warranty.

Key features

  • The bag features a carrying handle and removable carrying strap
  • It is made with ballistic nylon 1680D fabric
  • The bag holds a capacity of 7 12 oz beer cans
  • It only weighs 9.59 Ounces
  • The bag has a sleek design

3. Golf Bag Cooler and Ice Pack – 6 Pack Golf Beer Cooler Sleeve

A bag that keeps your beer cans cool while outdoors playing golf is an excellent investment. This bag is the ultimate option for men and women who enjoy golfing all around the season. First off, it is light and compact, so don’t worry about your main golf bag getting too bulky when you add this golf bag cooler.

The fact that it can chill your drinks for up to 6 hours at a -40 degree temperature ensures you enjoy your drinks at the right temperature. People, probably women, who don’t like beer, don’t worry as this bag can also hold two bottles of wine. Carry your beer or bottle of wine to enjoy with your partner after the game. Not only is this bag cooler made with thick insulating materials, but it also ships with an ice pack that is reusable to save you the future cost. Also, the double zipper design ensures to entirely seal the bag to keep the drinks safe and cool.

Key features

  • The materials construction consist of durable 600D polyester shell
  • The storage accommodates six cans of 12 and 16oz
  • This bag cooler can carry two bottles of wine
  • It ships with an ice pack
  • Stores drinks chill at -4o degrees C

4. Athletico Golf Cooler Bag

Not only does this golf bag cooler keep your favorite beer chill for later consumption while golfing, but it also provides privacy. Thanks to the classic design, no one will notice you are carrying beer in it. It is a compact bag with a dimension of 6 tall X 6.3 wide X 3 deep inches such that you can carry it in your golf bag.

People who may want to carry their cooler bag separately have a handle for comfortable gripping when moving it and a shoulder strap. Another thing that I love about this bag cooler is the featherweight. It weighs 12 ounces when empty, so it will not add much weight when carrying. For those wondering how many cans you can carry with this bag, it holds 6 cans of standard 12 oz beer drinks or two bottles of wine.

Apart from the interior featuring foam insulation materials, this tote also has heat-sealed seams to make sure no insulation escapes through the seams. Therefore, be sure to consume your wine or beer while still chill even after 6 to 8 hours. The entire bag is made with tough and durable materials resistant to quick wear and tear, plus a PEVA lining that ensures no water or leakage affects the bag.

Key features

  • The golf bag cooler has EZ glide zippers
  • It has foam insulation materials and PEVA lining
  • This bag has exterior storage pockets
  • The bag cooler is super light
  • You can use it with ice packs for extra chill results

5. Intech Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddy

A classic and uniquely designed best golf bag cooler suits both men and women who love outdoor activities. Yes, this bag cooler is recommendable for golfers, but still, if you need a bag to carry and keep your drinks chill while you enjoy outdoor adventures, this bag will fit you. The bag cooler comes in varying colors, so you can select the color shade that matches your personality.

Carrying this bag is comfortable as it has a tote design with a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can take it in varying ways. Another outstanding feature of this bag is the multiple storage spaces. Not only will it store your drinks, but the extra external pockets help to store small essentials like snacks, keys, or a phone.

Key features

  • The bag only weighs 1.6 pounds
  • It has outer storage pockets
  • The bag can carry 10 12-oz cans and an ice pack
  • It has varying carrying modes
  • The bag comes in 8 colours to choose from

6. OSPUORT Beer Sleeve for Golf Bag – Cooler

Are you looking for a budget-friendly gift for your husband, who enjoys golfing? Well, we present to you this excellent golf beer sleeve cooler. This quality bag has a classic style, and the design makes it easy to carry such that no one will notice you are carrying your beer to the golf club.

For those who don’t make beer, the bag will still work for you as it can carry up to 2 bottles of wine. This means that you can still use this bag to keep your wine chill if you go for a picnic with your partner.

The bag may be affordable, but rest assured it will last you for a long. The materials construction consists of 300D nylon resistant to quick wear and all outdoor elements. The lining is also waterproof such that in case your wine spills in the bag, the liquid will not leak out.

Did we mention how easy to carry this bag is? With two carrying options and a weight of less than a pound, the bag is comfortable to move around.

Key features

  • The bag features a side zipper for easy access
  • Has thick foam inner insulation materials
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable
  • This bag is quite versatile
  • The bag can carry two bottles of wine or six cans of beers

7. Athletico Golf Cooler Backpack – Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler Bag

You can never go wrong with Athletico Golf bag coolers, and this model is great for people who need extra storage space. It is a bag you can carry and chill beer cans while at the golf course or carry drinks to enjoy with friends when doing other outdoor activities.

The storage space holds 12 12-oz sized cans or 12 bottles, enough for two people. You don’t need to hurry to take your drinks before they get hot, especially on hot days, as this bag is designed to keep the drinks chill for up to 12 hours.

The interior features thick foam insulation PEVA lining in the upper cooler compartment and has bonded seams to ensure no heat enters the bag’s interior. The pack also has exterior storage pockets; hence, utilize the spaces to stack your snacks if you want to carry an extra snack to bite outdoors.

Key features

  • This golf bag cooler has two exterior zippered accessories pockets
  • It carries 12 standard cans or bottles
  • The lining is leakproof and waterproof
  • The carrying shoulder strap is well padded
  • This bag has 600D nylon construction

8. CleverMade 6 Can Golf Cooler Sleeve

Enjoy some chill beers with your friends after a friendly golf match by storing them in this quality can cooler sleeve. The sleek design makes carrying it easy as you can either carry it on your shoulder or put it in your golf bag. The shoulder strap is adjustable to get a comfortable carrying angle of this bag.

Remember that this cooler sleeve is not only ideal for use when going for golf practice. If you are generally an outdoor person who enjoys hiking, kayaking, trekking or attending concerts, you can still carry your drinks with this bag.

The bag’s quality is guaranteed as the outer materials consist of rigid and solid polyester materials and have a PEVA lining for great cooling results while preventing leakage.

Key features

  • This bag is made with heavy-duty polyester materials
  • It carries six standard-sized beer cans
  • It has a single top zipper for easy loading and accessing of the drinks
  • The bag is relatively light
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap

Golf Bag Cooler Buying Guide

best golf bag coolers

What Is A Golf Bag Cooler?

Golf bag coolers are storage bags made with insulated walls and designed to keep canned or bottled beverages cool for several hours. The golf bag coolers are meant to be carried with standard golf bags or carts such that no one will notice you have a mini cooling “gadget” in your bag. The golf bag coolers come in varying sizes, determining the number of beer or drink cans you can store. So, if you have an after-golf drink session with your six buddies, choose a bag that can accommodate drinks for all of you.

What Is the Best Golf Bag Cooler?

Through our research we have determined that the Dynasty Golf golf bag cooler is the best golf bag cooler. This golf cooler bag can hold up to 6 12 ounce cans and keep them cold for an extended period. The bag is 19.5 x 8 x 1.4 inches which allows it to fit into most golf bags (just in case you need to hide it ;). The inside of it has a thick closed-cell foam which is excellent for keeping your drinks cold and it also comes with a gel pack that is reusable.

Features To Look For In Golf Bag Coolers

The materials construction

One of the most crucial features to look out for when buying these cooler bags is the materials. First off, you need a bag that will serve the purpose and last you for a long time. Golf bag coolers are made with soft and hard materials, depending on the brand and the design. For example, soft bag coolers feature either polyester or nylon materials, plus these are the most common materials used.

In terms of durability, nylon is more durable and resistant to wear compared to polyester, but polyester bags are quite a catch too. Hard materials are like canvas and high weave oxford fabrics, and these types of materials are solid and durable but super rare to find in the market. So, choose a material that will last you long if you do not plan to buy the bag cooler anytime soon.

The capacity

Of course, you need a bag cooler that will comfortably fit all the drinks you will need while outdoors, and thus pay attention to how many cans of drinks the bag can hold. If you only need the bag for personal use, a small bag carrying six cans is good. Such a bag is comfortable to tag along, and you can access several rounds of drinks if you plan to spend a handful of time at the golf course. If you need a bag that you can probably carry drinks to share with friends, a model with a large carrying capacity is good. Such bags have a capacity size of 8 to 12 or more.

The size

Considering this is not the only bag you carry to the golf course, you need a comfortable bag that will not add too much bulkiness to your golf bag. So, always go for small-sized bag coolers that can hold enough drinks and at the same time save your carrying space. But, if you prefer carrying your golf accessories with a cart, then the size in such case may not matter. But, if you need a bag that you can probably carry in your significant golf bag, a small size would work for you.

The insulation and cooling power

This is the primary reason for buying the bag. They have insulating materials that help keep drinks chilled for a long time, even under high UV rays. It is crucial to note that these cooler bags are made with different cooling capabilities. Some bag coolers can keep the drinks chill for days, while others keep drinks chill for several hours. A cooler bag that can keep drinks chilled for days has high insulation power and may probably make the drinks ice cold, which is not a preference for some people.

Choosing a cooler that can keep your drinks chill at the right temperature for about 6 to 8 hours is a good option. But, ensure the insulating materials are thick and have frozen gel or ice pack, so it does not run out of chill when high.

The weight

Remember that the bag cooler is not the only bag you will be carrying, as you still have your original golf bag. Also, some people prefer a cooler bag that they can dip in the golf bag to take as a single bag. So, always go for a lightweight bag cooler that will not add too much bulkiness when you stock your drinks in it.

Enjoy Your New Golf Bag Cooler

If you want to save money that you usually use to buy drinks at the golf club or wish to carry your preferred beer drink to enjoy while golfing, you need to consider the best golf bag cooler. These bags have thick and quality insulation materials that keep drinks chilled for more than 6 hours. They have varying storage capacities whereby some can store 12 cans of beer while others can hold around six cans.

Our reviewed best golf cooler bags are versatile such that you can use them to carry your favorite beer to outdoor activities. Check out these eight options to find a bag cooler that will suit you. Also, if you don’t know how to choose the best golf bag cooler, use our buying guide to help you make the right choice.

best golf cooler bags