The Best Golf Bucket Hat: Top 5 Picks

Bucket hats have found their way back into golf apparel in recent times. They have become a staple for many golfers, offering a practical clothing option for this outdoor sport. The best golf bucket hat would have a wide brim to protect the face and neck from the sun while not obstructing your peripheral vision.

A good bucket hat provides shade from the sun and overall protection from the elements, such as precipitation. When playing golf in high-temperature areas, it makes perfect sense to go with a bucket hat over, say, a baseball hat. Besides their benefits in protecting against bad weather, these iconic hats can also be uber-stylish.

As a golfer, you never want to start your rounds unprepared for a weather change. The best golf bucket hat for you is one that’s both comfortable and provides adequate protection without hindering your gameplay. There are several bucket hats on the market, but we researched to choose the best five we could find. These hats are both stylish and optimized for the golf course.

The 5 Best Golf Bucket Hats

Our Top Pick

Adidas Men’s Victory 4 Bucket Hat

This excellent golf bucket hat provides UV protection and is very comfortable with it’s moisture-wicking sweatband


This bucket hat from Adidas is the best golf bucket hat for UV-ray protection and comfort. This highly-reviewed hat features a Bonnie bucket silhouette with 100% polyester fabric. Moreso, the hat is made from sun-protective UPF 50+ material.

The hat also features a moisture-wicking sweatband at the base of the inner crown to keep moisture from falling on your face. Its rigid brim, measuring 2.25 inches wide, is perfect for keeping the sun off your face.

The hat has perforations over the crown to aid ventilation and maximum breathability. It also features a non-detachable drawstring for adjusting the fit. This hat is available in various colors, including white, black, and the stylish Core Tiger Aop black/gray.


●     Perforations provide adequate ventilation

●     Wide, rigid brims for sun shade

●     Moisture-wicking sweatband

●     Multiple color options

●     Features adjustable drawstring

●     Hundreds of 5-star reviews


●     Not machine-washable

Our Top Pick For Hot Weather

Under Armour Iso-Chill ArmourVent

The UA Iso-Chill bucket hat for golf has the best cooling system of the hats we tested making it the top choice for warm weather.


This high-quality bucket hat is perfect for golfing on windy or sunny days. This 100% polyester hat is durable, stretchy, and light. The super breathable design is also sweat-wicking and dries quickly. The hat’s ArmourVent Technology creates a cooling system that keeps it from retaining heat, leaving your head cool on the hottest days. The Iso-Chill sweatband lines the hat’s rim, also helping keep you cool and comfortable.

This bucket hat has a pull-on closure with an under-chin drawstring to give the hat a snug fit. More so, it comes in four different sizes, so you’d indeed find a hat that’s perfect for your head. This hat has a 1.5-inch-wide brim and provides a decent shade without getting in your way during rounds. It also ranks as one of our best golf hats for sun protection as well.


●     Breathable fabric

●     Under-chin drawstring for fitting

●     Lightweight and comfortable

●     Different color options

●     Adjustable drawstring

●     Machine washable


●     Brim might be too short

Best Protection From Sun

Titleist Aussie Bucket Hat

Titleist is one of the most trusted names in golf and their Aussie hat it the best choice for those looking for the most sun protection.


Titleist is one of the most trusted American brands for making superior, high-quality golf gear. This tour-inspired bucket hat from Titleist is a great hat for sun protection. The hat’s design features a six-inch-wide brim, making it the perfect hat for high-temperature days. Besides its protective qualities, this bucket hat was designed for optimal comfort.

Moreso, the fabric of this hat is treated to provide 50+ UHF protection from the sun’s UV rays. This ultraviolet factor is the highest any fabric can provide. These sleek hats come in only one size, with an adjustable closure to fit any size. This closure can tighten or loosen up the hat’s crown until it is perfectly snug and comfortable on your head.

The wide-brimmed hat also features a removable chin strap with inner storage. The removable strap offers some functionality and options for your look. The crown also has a deeper fit than some other golf bucket hats. The hat is available in different colors. If you want a functional, fashion-forward piece for those sunny rounds on the golf course, this bucket hat was designed for you.


●     Six-inch-wide brim

●     UV-treated fabric

●     Several two-tone color options are available

●     Removable chin strap

●     Stretchy material

●     One-size-fits-all


●     Not machine-washable

●     Crown might get floppy

Most Stylish Option

Kangol Golf Bucket Hat

If you main concern is style, then look no further than the classic Kangol bucket bat. It’s timeless and very durable.


This high-quality hat is more modern than the traditional cotton bucket hat. Kangol is a master hat maker, and over the years, their hats have been seen on top sportsmen, including golfers. The hat is made from 100% durable cotton and has a flat crown. This lightweight bucket hat features the classic Kangol logo and is a perfect companion when you’re golfing or golf hiking. Its 2.25-inch brim is fantastic for keeping the sun beams out when you are on the course.


●     Made from pure cotton

●     Simple design

●     Unisex design

●     2.25-inch brim


●     Not machine-washable

Best All Weather Option

LGIEPHT Waterproof Golf Bucket Hat

Our top pick for all weather, this waterproof hat is great for any weather conditions and provides excellent protection.


This golf bucket hat is our top inexpensive, all-weather choice. Its 3.35-inch wide brim makes it the perfect hat for golfing on sunny days. The hat is also made from UPF 50+ material that offers optimum sun protection for your face, neck, and head. It also features a mesh sew-in at the crown for proper head ventilation.

Another exciting feature of this bucket hat is its water repellency, and its high-quality woven fabric is Grade 5 (100) DWR water-repellent. Match this hat with one of the best golf rain gloves and you are ready to any elements. The hat comes in nearly a dozen color options, including navy blue, brown, khaki, etc. It also has an elastic drawstring at the base of the crown for fitting adjustments. Besides this, there’s also an under-chin drawstring for optimal fitting.

It’s made from 65% polyester and 35% pure cotton. This product does not develop creases after folding. This hat is your best choice if you’re unsure of the weather conditions while playing golf.


●     Features crown mesh for ventilation

●     Water-resistant fabric

●     Features wide brims

●     Inexpensive bucket hat

●     Foldable fabric


●     Colors may not match the description

●     Not machine washable

Golf Bucket Hat Buying Guide

A bucket hat provides many benefits when playing your favorite sport outdoors. However, you must consider certain factors before deciding on a bucket hat.

  • Hat fabric

The material used to make your hat is crucial to the hat’s performance and feel. Before you purchase a bucket hat, ensure that it is made from high-quality materials. Also, make sure its material will not irritate your skin.

As regards its weather-friendliness, you must also ensure that the hat features the appropriate materials. For example, if you need it for sun protection, you might prefer material with SPF. But, if you need it for rain protection, you should go for waterproof fabrics. All in all, ensure that the fabric is functional and comfortable for your skin.

  • Brim size

The size of your hat’s brim will determine how much shade it can offer. Thus, before selecting a bucket hat, ensure that you are comfortable with the brim size and that it can keep you protected against the elements.

  • Your head size

As funny as it sounds, you should consider the size of your head before buying a bucket hat. Several hat sizes are available, so you need to determine which hat would be best for you. Your head size can make you favor some bucket hat styles over others.

  • Adjustable Features

Your bucket hat must have some adjustable features, especially if you buy online. A drawstring or other adjustable strap might help the hat fit better.

best golf bucket hat

Best Bucket Hat For Golf – FAQ

  • Which golfers wear bucket hats on the course?

Joel Dahmen is one of the top golfers spotted in a bucket on the PGA tour. However, the trend has been made more popular by some younger golfers, like 16-year-old ANWA champion Anna Davis in April 2022.

  • What are some other hat styles appropriate for golf?

Baseball hats and visors are considered appropriate golf attire. However, bucket hats do their best to keep the sun off your face and neck.

  • What’s a good brim size to keep off the sun?

Usually, a width of about 3 inches should do. However, depending on the design and your preferences, you might prefer a wider brim.


Bucket hats are some of the ideal functional headpieces for playing golf. Sun exposure can result in health problems. Thus, keeping the sun away from your skin should be a priority.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best bucket hats on the market. The best golf bucket hat for you might not be the same as the best golf bucket hat for someone else. As a result, you should read through our buying advice to make a better-informed decision.