Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet – Our Top 5

Golf shoes come in various sizes from many brands. Having wide feet means you may not get as much comfort from small sizes. Also, not every brand makes excellent large-sized golf shoes. That is why we analyzed the finest golf shoes for broad feet so that you can perform at your best on the golf course.

As shoe sizes get bigger, one must carefully select one that gives them a great fit, provides room for the toes, and is durable.

Here, you’ll see some of the best golf shoes that provide enough room for your feet without squeezing or crushing the toes.

These shoes passed a rigorous testing process where we reviewed everything from the design and comfort to how they help athletes perform in real-time.

We also tested and gathered reviews from athletes that used them on the golf course.

The Top 5 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

After testing many options, here are some of the best golf shoes that relax your feet and improve your performance. You can order them online and have them delivered to your house.

  1. Adidas Tech Response – Best Overall
  2. Footjoy Traditions – Best Value
  3. New Balance Striker Waterproof – Best Waterproof
  4. Skechers Go Ultra Max – Best Spikeless
  5. Under Amour HOVR – Best Spiked

Let’s look at what benefits these golf shoes offer that make them the right fit for wide feet.

Best Overall

Adidas Tech Response

These lightweight and breathable golf shoes are perfect for those with wide feet as they come in a variety of wide sizes.


Topping this list is the Adidas Tech Response, a golf shoe specifically tailored to provide a breathable environment for your feet. Adidas is a renowned brand with many years of experience developing durable footwear.

These shoes sport a lightweight design that improves your posture and stance. In addition, they ensure that you don’t expend a lot of energy when walking through the golf course.

Also, the sole is super comfy and flexible. This way, it aligns perfectly with the soles of your feet, increasing its wearability. This golf shoe has a mesh fabric layer that soothes your skin and allows unrestricted airflow while wearing them. These shoes also ranked as our best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Also, the Adidas Tech Response comes in spiked and spikeless variants, so you can choose according to your taste. There are also black, white, and gray color variants. In addition, Adidas offers a 91-day comfort guarantee upon purchase.


  • Very great quality
  • Breathable and comfy to wear
  • Spiked and spikeless options are available
  • Great for golfers with large or extra wide feet
  • Provides excellent cushioning for the sole
  • Enhances stance and posture


  • Limited water resistance
  • Are a bit pricey
Best Value

FootJoy Traditions Golf Shoes

FootJoy shoes are consistently ranked at the top for best value and these come in wide and extra wide sizes.


Maybe you want a golf shoe that performs on all fronts – delivering the best value without sacrificing quality – the FootJoy Traditions has got you covered. One of the benefits of choosing this option is that it is waterproof. You can use it on wet golf courses or on rainy days.

The waterproof outer coating prevents the shoes and your feet from getting soaked with moisture. Moreover, it provides a layer of protection that keeps them from getting smelly. There is a 1-year water protection guarantee with the shoes.

On the flip side, though, increased water resistance means less breathability, so you may need to air the shoes after use.

The FootJoy Traditions feature 100% full-grain leather – including the sole. This feature means that it has extra durability – in addition to water resistance. Several color combinations are available, from white, blue, brown, and gray.

FootJoy uses advanced techniques to ensure a perfect fit around the heel and toes. So, you won’t have your shoes slipping off if you decide to sprint.


  • Excellent cushioning around the feet
  • Made from 100% full-grain leather
  • Includes water protection
  • Can be used in different weather conditions
  • The flexible sole provides extra comfort
  • Improves balance when golfing
  • Replaceable spikes


  • Water-protection warranty is available in the US only
  • Less breathable than other options

Best Waterproofing

New Balance Striker Golf Shoes

Best option if you are looking for great resistance to water, these shoes also come in wide and extra wide sizes.


Most waterproof options that could give wide feet enough room and comfort were not as waterproof as they claimed. Others sacrifice breathability for water resistance, leaving one with smelly feet at the end of the day.

Thinking out of the box, New Balance designed a shoe that satisfies both needs – water protection and unrestricted airflow. The New Balance Striker Waterproof is the brainchild of extensive research.

Unlike other golf shoes, this one uses microfiber leather as its waterproof layer. This way, air can flow through the rest of the leather. In addition, the shoe design acts as a suction pump that pulls air in as you walk and directs it all around your feet.

Like the rest of the shoe, the sole is made from leather and bears spikes, improving your grip and traction when walking.

Finally, the shoelace holes have rings that protect them from getting torn – a feature some top models lack.


  • Water-resistant microfiber upper layer
  • Excellent for walking long distances
  • Comfy fit
  • A 2-year waterproof warranty is available
  • Multiple sole layers for added comfort
  • Flexible leather sole for excellent traction
  • Lightweight and durable


  • No spikeless option
  • Maybe a bit expensive
  • Fewer color variants
Best Spikeless Option

Sketchers Ultra Max Golf Shoes

These are the best spikeless golf shoes for wide feet and they are provide incredible comfort for those long rounds.


If you’re looking for golf shoes that do not have spikes under the soles but have excellent traction, the Skechers Go Ultra Max is a great option. This golf shoe design provides excellent sole grip on various surfaces.

The rubber sole improves flexibility and provides a fantastic fit for your feet. In addition, it has a well-designed tread pattern underneath that creates friction, so you do not slip and fall. You get an excellent grip when treading on the golf course.

The Skechers Go Ultra Max’s features do not end there. This golf shoe also has a water-repellent surface that keeps as much moisture away from the inner cushioning as possible. This measure helps prevent smelly shoes – especially after wearing them for long periods.

In addition, the shoe cushioning uses the unique Skechers GOGA MAX technology, which provides a bouncy and very comfortable experience when using the shoes. All in all, the Skechers Go Ultra Max is the best spikeless option you can get when looking for the best golf shoes for wide feet.


  • Many color variants are available
  • Sports a very classy look
  • Water-repellent surface
  • Improved cushioning around the feet
  • Provides strong grip
  • Very comfy and breathable
  • Balances posture while swinging the arm


  • Rubber soles may wear out faster
  • Less leather than other options
Best Spiked Option

Under Armour HOVR Drive

If you prefer spiked golf shoes then this is your pick as they come in a comfortable wide version and provide great stability


The Under Armour HOVR is among the best golf shoes for broad feet available on the market. The strong spikes beneath the sole are a standout characteristic of this sneaker. These provide excellent grip as you swing your golf club.

Apart from that, these shoes are very light and designed to give as much comfort as possible. It is also water-resistant, allowing you to utilize it in various weather conditions.

When designing this shoe, Under Armour considered several things. For example, the shoelace secures the shoe in play in a way that does not cause any discomfort.

Inside the shoe are multiple cushioning layers that provide extra room for the toes and heels. This cushioning also helps you get a smooth walking or running experience.


  • Provides extra room for feet
  • Super breathable
  • Water-resistant to an extent
  • Flexible synthetic sole
  • Promotes sturdy stance when walking and playing
  • Cushioning provides an excellent fit


  • Fewer color variants are available
  • Lace may tear the lace holes on the shoe

Best Wide Golf Shoes – Buying Guide

  • Comfort

When wearing a golf shoe, your feet should have appropriate room. If your toes feel cramped or the shoe hurts, move up a size. Also, make sure that you can walk well when using them.

  • Weight

Golf shoes should be light so that you don’t expend too much energy walking from one area to another. As a result, ensure that the shoes you’re ordering are lightweight for improved comfort.

  • Cushioning

Besides creating extra room for your toes, cushioning makes the shoes fit your feet. As a result, they will not slip when you’re walking or running. In addition, shoes with excellent cushioning are breathable and allow unrestricted airflow.

  • Pricing

Finally, when choosing a golf shoe, keep your budget in mind. Remember that you can select the best value or budget option which provides excellent value.

best golf shoes for wide feet

Buying Golf Shoes For Wide Feet – FAQ

  1. What are the best golf shoes for wide feet?

Here are some top picks that give your feet extra room and a comfortable wearing experience without being loose: Adidas Tech Response, Footjoy Traditions, New Balance Striker Waterproof, Skechers Go Ultra Max, and UnderAmour HOVR.

  • Do pro golfers wear spikeless golf shoes?

Most golfers wear spiked golf shoes, although some professional golfers wear spikeless shoes. The main factor is that the shoe is comfortable to wear. As a result, be sure you’re happy with the sneakers you order.

  • Is it better to have snug or loose golf shoes?

Golf shoes should give you a comfortable fit. Loose shoes can make you slip when you swing the golf club and even lose balance. On the other hand, tight shoes squeeze the toes and cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best golf shoes may be challenging for wide feet. This article highlights some top brands and why they are excellent choices. You also get a list of features to look for when buying one of these sneakers online.

No 2 people are alike so it is great to have options available, whether it be wide feet or the best golf grips for sweaty hands, you can find what suits you with a little help.