Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection – 4 Top Choices

Golfers adore the sun because there’s nothing better than playing your favorite sport with your mates while getting some vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Excessive sun exposure, on the other hand, can be problematic for golfers. Nothing will ruin the weekend or the days off more quickly than a terrible sunburn.

Sunburns are not only uncomfortable; they can also be the cause of various skin illnesses and other significant medical problems. In this respect, golfers should protect themselves by wearing the best golf hats for sun protection that will block the sun’s harmful rays.

The focus of this article will be on wide-brimmed hats and bucket hats. Traditional baseball hats are acceptable; however, they do not give the additional protection frequently required during a midday round. If you do not know which golf hat to purchase, this article will significantly help you.

Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection

Our Top Pick

Callaway Aqua Dry Bucket Hat

With it’s large brim, this hat provides excellent sun protection. It is also waterproof, making it great for rainy weather.


This hat is an incredible choice for both the sun and rain. The brim protects you from the sun’s beams and keeps the rain off your glasses. The hat is also waterproof. So, you will not need to stress over keeping your head dry in the rain. Get this hat out of the golf sack, put it on your head, and you’re all set when it starts raining.

Likewise, the brim prevents water from dribbling down the back of your neck. This helps keep you comfortable on those rainy days. It’s anything but a pleasant inclination when water slips into the neck opening of your waterproof coat.

In the sun, this hat similarly performs well. The material and the brim offer excellent sun protection. Furthermore, the moisture-wicking sweatband assists in keeping you cool in a warm and humid climate.


  • Works in sun and rain
  • Comfortable to wear


  • No chin strap
  • Limited sizes available

Best For Hot Weather

Under Armour Iso-Chill Armourvent Hat

This is the perfect hat for keeping you cool and protected on hot, sunny days. The Iso-Chill sweatband is our favorite feature.


This cap looks great, yet the comfort is outstanding. It’s so comfortable that you will almost forget that you’re wearing it on the golf course. This bucket hat works exceptionally well in keeping golfers cool on hot days. The Iso-chill sweatband distributes body heat, and it feels cool to the touch on your head.

Likewise, Armourvent technology makes this bucket hat very breathable. It adds a component to keep your head cool on blazingly warm days. Furthermore, a mesh panel offers excellent ventilation, so you do not overheat.

This best golf bucket hat comes in four sizes, so finding an ideal fit for you should not be hard. An adjustable chin strap can guarantee an excellent fit for windy days. You can focus on your game without agonizing over the fact that your hat will not stay in place.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Great ventilation


  • Limited sizes
  • Narrow brim
Best For Staying Cool

Mission Cooling Bucket Hat

Not only does the Mission bucket hat keep you cool in steamy weather, but is also provides excellent UV protection.


The Mission Cooling bucket hat is loaded with technology. It provides UPF 50 protection and an extended 3 inch brim for extra coverage. The best features is that you can pour water on the hat and it will cool to 30 degrees below your body temperature, giving you an instant cooling effect.

The adjustable cord keeps it in place and the durability is very good. This is a great option for very hot weather as it will help keep you cool and comfortable


  • One size fits all
  • Cooling effect


  • Comes in limited shades
Best For UPF Protection

Calamus UPF Boonie Sun Hat

With UPF 50 protection and a moisture wicking headband, this is an excellent hat for sun protection


Calamus Boonie Sun Hats for sun protection are UPF 50 rated to ensure that the hats shield you from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. This UV sun security can be used on the beach, fishing, climbing, golfing, safari, or hunting. Players find it cool and comfortable since it increases airflow. It is made of lightweight, breathable material with vented mesh sides. Keep yourself calm, warm, and comfy on hot days.

The adjustable drawstring inside the headband allows you to adjust your hat size as you like. Because of the adjustable chin strap, you will never lose your hat on a breezy day.

A moist, wicking headband on the Calamus Boonie hat keeps your head dry while on the golf course. It serves to absorb sweat quickly and keeps it from blurring your vision.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Adjustable straps


  • It comes in a small size

Best Golf Cap For Sun Protection Buying Guide

The following are a couple of things to remember while settling on which golf hat to purchase:

  • Coverage

The first factor you must remember is your required coverage. Assuming that you have a characteristic olive-type complexion, you might have the option to pull off a traditional bucket hat with a standard-sized brim. If your regular complexion is more on the fairer side, you can opt for a bucket hat with a wider brim to provide additional coverage for your face and neck.

  • UV Protection

It can take up to four to five hours to play golf. This is a long time in the warm summer sun’s dangerous UV rays, which may cause frightful burns. While settling on golf hats, search for ones with a high UPF rating.

  • Adjustable Straps

For the most part, golf hats are accompanied by adjustable straps. A few golfers love movable adjustable straps since they give them the option to straighten out the hat on breezy days. Regardless, you might want to consider removing the chin straps if they distract you while you’re playing.

  • Comfort

Your best golf hats for sun protection should be comfortable to wear in any weather conditions. On the off chance that your hat is not comfortable, you may presumably take it off after taking a few shots and then end up with a horrible sunburn. A golf hat that is made from lightweight material is typically a good choice for you since you may want to spend a lot of your time out on the golf course.

  • Fit

You’ll need a golf hats that fits well and isn’t too tight to leave red imprints. Most golf hats fit most head sizes, but if the brand you choose doesn’t, be sure you know what size you need.

  • Sweat Wicking

Since you’ll be wearing your golf hat during the hottest times of the year, you need a hat that will wick sweat away from your face and eyes. Also, make sure the hat you purchase is highly breathable. So, when you are out to buy the best golf hat for sun protection, go for the one with vents underneath to ensure proper airflow.

  • Appearance

When purchasing a golf hat, you should ensure that you also look good in the hat. You need to look nice if you are out on the field. Your physical appearance, including your golf hat, affects how you feel. This way, your feelings affect the way you play.

best golf hats for sun protection

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I look for in a bucket hat when buying it for the first time?

There are numerous types to choose from. This decision can be based on varied likes and dislikes and convenience. Caps with and without chin straps are available, as are hats with narrow and wide brims.

  • Which color should I go for when buying a golf hat?

Since the main concern is protection from the sun, you should look for color options on the lighter side. Shades like white, light grey, beige, and nude shades will be the best ones.

  • Will the sweat stains be visible on the golf hats?

If you have gone for a light-colored golf hat, the sweat stains will show up quicker than they would have on a darker color. Your best choice here would be to get a sweat liner for the hat you buy.


At the end of the day, it comes down to how you want to appear on the course. The broad-brimmed bucket hat is the ideal sun protection hat for those who don’t mind appearing a bit silly while protecting themselves from damaging sun rays. But if you want to look professional, you will wear a cap.

Overall, the hats above will all be perfect for sun protection. We highly recommend avoiding caps if your aim is maximum sun protection.

Caps sure look nice and professional, but think about what the UV rays can do to you. Choosing one of the best golf hats for sun protection that will be good for you in the long run, is better and highly suggested.