The Best Golf Book for Beginners – 5 Best Books

Golf is a wildly popular spectator sport. The players, however, get many physical benefits from the sport, such as aerobic exercise, strength training, etc. The game is one of the most famous ones worldwide. Taking a bird’s eye view of the statistics, around 24 million Americans turn out to be keen golfers. Moreover, the numbers keep increasing with time. However, reading a few of the best golf book for beginners is always helpful before getting into the sport.

Many people decide to play golf regularly but are unable to enjoy the sport due to general confusion. This loss of motivation is because they do not know where to start. Suppose you are among those eager, confused newbies. No biggie. You are not alone in this. In this article, we will talk about some beginner golf books. This discussion will help you grasp the game’s basic concept (like what hand do you wear a golf glove on) and save time in finding the right book for yourself.

We have compiled a brief guide to the best golf books for beginners. As your skill level increases, you can move to more advanced books to better understand the sport. The review will help you focus on short games and improve your overall score. 

Best Golf Book For Beginners – Our Top 5

Our Top Pick

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons

Often considered the gold standard in golf instruction, this book has stood the test of time. It is hard to meet a golfer who has not read this gem. Hogan breaks down the swing into 5 elements making to easy to follow


Ben Hogan is famous for being one of the best golfers in the history of the sport. He has given his wisdom regarding the sport and valuable tricks and tips in his book “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.” The book is an all-time classic, with around a million copies in print. Ben has described the game in great detail with the help of illustrations and drawings.

The illustrations are a big plus point as they help you understand complex things without a hitch. However, Ben advocates consistency, effort, and a genuine commitment to the game. The techniques he demonstrated in his classic guide must be understood intelligently and followed orderly. With baby steps, in no time, you will be able to turn the tables in your game. After reading the book, you will surely be the master of the game.


  • Helpful for beginners to understand the golf swing, grip, posture, and back-swing
  • Detailed explanation from scratch
  • Detailed explanations of golf mechanics


  • Slow delivery
  • Some editions might lack important content
Our Pick For Advanced Golfers

Golf My Way

If you are going to learn how to properly swing a golf club, why not learn how from one of the greatest golfers of all time, Jack Nicklaus. This is a excellent guide but may be a bit much for brand new golfers.


Golf My Way is truly a classic and is the most celebrated guide among golf lovers. The book has sold over two million copies in print since it was published in 1974. The author has concisely described each aspect from scratch. However, it is not recommended for someone who has just picked up the game. That’s because this book explains swing mechanics in a slightly complicated way. Some readers also complain about the formatting of the book. But this is relatively rare.

The number of good reviews on this book surpasses the bad ones. 

This book aims to improve the game by discussing some great golfers’ thought processes and decision-making. This second thought helps you deal with difficult situations while on the green. One thing you should take care of while making a purchase is that Nicklaus was a golfer in the 1960s, and thus the game was way different back then.

The newer editions contain revised and updated views of the author. Make sure you get the correct edition. Nevertheless, you can take a cursory read of previous editions to see differences in the golf tournaments held today compared to those held back in the 1960s.


  • Illustrates fundamentals well
  • An enjoyable and conversational tone
  • Detailed explanation


  • Contains fewer pictures and drawings
  • Some of the content is outdated
Our Top Pick for Golfers of All Skill Levels

The Complete Golf Manual

This book is an excellent choice for new or established golfers looking to take their game to the next level. It includes many great tests and techniques to start using in your own training to get better.


This book describes all the aspects of the game uniquely. Whether a newbie or a pro, this book helps players of all skill levels. For a novice player, it serves as a good starting guide. The author describes how to achieve a consistent golf swing in this book. The author has illustrated every type of shot, from tee shots, iron play, pitching, and chipping, to coping with bunkers and putting, in a simple way that does not baffle the new players.

This book is a good guide because your skill level is monitored through the progress tests and exercises throughout the book. This assessment polishes your skills and keeps the readers engaged in learning different techniques. On top of that, the side information provided also lists common faults and misplays you might run into while learning the sport. The new edition of the book helps players improve their decision-making under pressure. All in all, if you are new to golf, this book is worth reading. 


  • Includes progress exercises and tests 
  • Highlights errors you might run into later
  • Helps in improving decision making 


  • The small font makes it a bit hard to read
  • Not very well organized
Best Advanced Book For New Golfers

Golf All-In-One For Dummies

If you are new to golf but you are looking for a more in-depth training book, then this is the right choice to you. This book is very thorough but still easy to brand new golfers to use and start to develop their game.


From learning the principles of golf to mastering the fundamentals, Golf All-in-One for Dummies is the way to go. This book takes the reader and eventually makes its way to the more advanced techniques.

Additionally, the author addresses the latest equipment and technology in the game. This book is an excellent choice, and beginners can opt for it. It has detailed learning points and tricks that help you learn the game from scratch. For experienced players, tips and advice from famous golfers and reviews of the greatest golf moments significantly improve their game.

Many readers appreciate the book and make up their minds to take up golf. On the other hand, some think this book is not fundamental enough. They believe that no book is good enough to replace an instructor in real life. Another thing you might want to consider about the book is that it is a little longer than most guides. The unnecessary details drive the reader’s focus away. The reviewers prefer “Golf for Dummies,” the older volume version.


  • Good for developing the basics
  • Easy to understand
  • Contains self-evaluation sections and recommended exercises 


  • Too long to be a short guide
  • Too detailed for some readers
Best For Learning What Clubs to Buy

Golf Clubs For Beginners

If you are going to pick up the game of golf, then you are going to need to buy golf clubs. This books walks you through that process to help make sure to purchase the correct golf clubs and get exactly what you need.


This book holds significant importance and is slightly different from the others. The difference is that most guides focus on general tips and tricks on stances and swings, etc. This book is solely dedicated to golf clubs. It enlightens you about which golf clubs and drivers you should go for and when. It also provides information on irons, wedges, putters, and hybrid clubs.

By reading this book, you can confidently step into the world of gold. Many people find it helpful, though some reviewers suggest the title should include the word “purchase” as the book is primarily based on how to shop for accessories and clubs. The book also lacks instructions on how to use irons and wedges.


  • Simple to follow
  • Affordable
  • Not too long


  • Not comprehensive
  • Misleading title

Best Golf Books For Beginners – Buyers Guide

Before making a purchase, you should be aware of a few things. By following these purchasing tips mentioned ahead, you can make a better decision about what book to buy.

  • Price and Reviews

First, check if your budget allows you to buy the book you want. Secondly, review the shipping locations and availability of the book.

  • Quality and Content

The third thing you should remember is the type of content you want to read about. For this purpose, read the book reviews and table of contents. Lastly, look for a book with good paper quality and go for books by reputed authors.

best golf book for beginners

Top Golf Book For Beginners – FAQ

  • Does reading golf books for beginners work?

Yes, these books work. But the condition is that you stay dedicated and passionate about the sport. Following the correct methodology will help you master the game. 

  • Do I always need an instructor to learn golf?

That depends. Some people quickly get the concept from the guides, while others need the right instructor for golf lessons.

  • Is golf hard to learn?

Golf is undoubtedly one of the most complicated games in the world. It might take your entire life to master the game. It takes a lot of effort to stay consistent and passionate about the sport.


Learning golf might appear to be a hard nut to crack for many novice players. It’s normal for players to run away from learning the game because of its complexity. But the actual thrill starts once you are past the learning curve. Following short guides on how to play golf, you can get into the gold world with total confidence.

However, the choice of a good book is an important decision. When you look for a guidebook, you will find several books online and in stores. Not every book you find will be your cup of tea. This article provides a quick review of what books you should opt for as a complete beginner.