Best App to Video Golf Swing: Top 5 Picks

Anyone with experience in the game will tell you that golf is much more challenging than it looks. Perfecting your swing to hit a tiny ball across a massive field can be incredibly difficult.

On top of that, it can be tricky to pinpoint exactly where you’re going wrong since you can’t see yourself play. In that case, you’ll need to capture your swing on tape.

So, if you’re looking for the best app to video golf swings, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the popular tools and how you can use them.

Best App to Video Golf Swing – Our Top 5

Here’s our list of the best apps you can use to record your golf swing.

Our Top Pick

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

We love all of the features that are included in the Blast Golf Swing Analyzer. It use AI to analyze your swing and find the mistakes and areas of improvement for your swing. The App includes tons of features that can take your swing to the next level.


One of the top apps when it comes to recording your golfing is the Blast Golf Analyzer. This program uses machine learning to identify and visualize your swings.

Once that happens, artificial intelligence will analyze this data and indicate any mistakes.

To make your life a little easier, the app even includes a clipping feature. This feature allows you to select specific frames from a recording.

That means you can golf all day while taping the game. Then, when you’re done, you can scroll through the footage and pick out which swings you want to analyze.

On top of that, you don’t even need to practice with a golf ball. All you have to do is attach the sensor to your club and start swinging.

The app will be able to pick up data about your speed, force, and even wind direction.

Unfortunately, with all the features you get, the sensor’s battery doesn’t last for long—only a few hours. So, if you’re playing on the field all day, you may need to pack your charger.


  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, which improves accuracy
  • Can record your progress even when you’re practicing without a ball
  • Clipping feature can help you isolate specific frames to analyze


  • Battery doesn’t have a huge capacity and may need frequent charges

2.   Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

The Zepp Analyzer is another great app to keep track of your golf swing. It records your gameplay and provides a report on the overall performance during a game.

Zepp is relatively easy to use, with only a few inputs to choose from. Yet, in order to use the software, you’ll need to purchase an extra mount attachment.

This Zepp mount links to your golf glove and records your motion using sensors. Doing so allows for impressive accuracy when it comes to analyzing the game.

Sadly, the mount on its own can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

With that said, you do get amazing service, including real-time scanning of your swing. Plus, a professional coach will help you improve your game through the app.


  • Comes with a mount that can record swing data in real time
  • Provides professional assistance to improve your swing
  • Offers professional coaches who can give you advice to speed up your improvement


  • Mount is on the expensive side and you can’t use the app without it

3.   Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Another amazing app to record your golf swing is the Rapsodo Monitor. It uses artificial intelligence to follow the golf ball and map out its trajectory.

This allows players to visualize and understand the way they hit the ball.

Rapsodo also collects information from your GPS tracker. It uses this data to figure out how far the ball travels and even keep score during the game.

With all this information, players can begin to dissect their own swings. They’ll be able to see where the shot went wrong and some possibilities of how to fix it.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t provide specific data on how to improve your game. On top of that, the recorder will only work at a few set angles.

So, if you’re playing on a smaller field, it may be a little tricky to use the app.

On top of that, it’s only compatible with iOS. That means Android owners won’t get much use of this app.


  • Can follow the ball and map out its trajectory
  • Uses your GPS tracker to see how far the ball travels and keeps score during a game
  • Analyzes shots and helps you visualize the ball trajectory while training


  • Only configured to analyze a few set recording angles, so not ideal for small fields

4.   FlightScope Mevo

If you don’t have enough time to make it to the golf course regularly, you can use FlightScope Mevo.

This app allows you to practice your swing virtually anywhere. Because the 3D Doppler radar is tiny and lightweight, you can carry it around wherever you go.

Not only will this app record and analyze your swing, but it can also help you improve it. To do that, FlightScope uses eight different parameters. Before you record your golf swing make sure to view out best way to video your golf swing.

It’ll keep track of your club and the ball to collect as much data as possible. Then, the app will create tailored plans to enhance your skills.

Other than that, you can also use the program to train for competitions. There are plenty of challenges available on the app to drive your skills forward quickly.

Even though FlightScope Mevo is impressive, there’s one major drawback. To enjoy this app’s services, you’ll need to pay a premium cost.


  • Can record and analyze your swing anywhere you go
  • Provides professional assistance to help you improve your swings
  • Records and analyzes eight different parameters for accurate results


  • More on the expensive side than most other apps

5.   Phigolf Home Golf Simulator

Just like the FlightScope, the Phigolf simulator allows you to practice almost anywhere. However, with this app, you don’t use a ball.

Instead, the software relies on data from a weighted training stick. This will stand in for your club and ball and record your swing data.

The app collects data on specific parameters as you golf. That includes your swing tempo, club path, attack angle, and head speed.

Yet, that’s not even the most impressive part. Phigolf can do all of this live and in 3D.

It can record, analyze, and display your data in real time. This will help walk you through any flaws in your game and let you correct them.

In addition, the app gives you access to a chat room with many other avid golfers. There, everyone can share their expertise.

The only disadvantage of using Philgolf is that you can’t take it on the field. You have to use the training stick, which doesn’t do well in the open air.


  • Allows you to view your footage in real time and in 3D
  • Gives you access to a chat room so that you can talk to other golf enthusiasts
  • Collects data on swing tempo, club path, and head speed for detailed swing breakdown


  • Can’t use the app on an outdoor golf field

Features to Consider When Choosing Apps to Video Your Golf Swing

There are countless apps you can use to keep track of your golfing. However, some of them are much more efficient than others.

So, before you download an app, it’s a good idea to be aware of a few features.

1.   User Interface

As we mentioned, a golf swing can be a little complicated. Yet, the app that records the activity doesn’t have to be.

One of the most important features of any app is its user interface. Customers should be able to interact with the program with no former training.

So, before you settle on an app, make sure to browse through it quickly and see how it performs.

2.   Compatibility

Just because the app is easy to use doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take it out on a golf course. That’s why it’s important to double-check compatibility.

When you’re out on a field, chances are you only have your phone on you. This may become an issue because some apps will only work on larger devices like tablets.

For that reason, you want to ensure that the app can function normally on your device.

In addition, you have to make sure that the app is compatible with your operating system. Some programs only work on iOS, while others will rely on Android.

3.   Data Analysis

Once you get the app up and running, you can focus on the service it provides. This includes recording people in motion and analyzing this data.

They do that by using a series of image-processing steps. The app will dissect the footage and pinpoint what the players are doing right and wrong.

Each app will have its own set of algorithms and processing steps. That means some will be more effective than others at helping you improve your golf swing.

best app to video golf swing

Wrapping Up

Perfecting your golf swing doesn’t sound intimidating anymore with the right app to video your golf swings, don’t you agree?

If you’re wondering about our top pick, it’s the Blast Golf Swing Analyzer. It provides excellent and usually accurate data to help you improve your swings. You don’t even need to use a ball to practice.

As an alternative, go with FlightScope Mevo. It may be a little pricey, but it gives you detailed readings and actionable advice.

Before you settle on the best app to video golf swings, there are a few factors to consider. These include the user interface, compatibility, and data analysis.

A combination of these factors will determine whether or not an app may be suitable for you.