Best Short Sleeve Rain Jacket for Golf: 5 Top Picks for Staying Dry

All golfers know that the weather can be unpredictable, and getting caught in the rain is often just part of the game. This is why owning a specialized rain jacket is crucial for anyone serious about their golf game. The best Short sleeve rain jacket for golf offer a unique combination of protection from the weather while allowing for the freedom of movement necessary for a full swing.

These jackets are engineered with golfers in mind, incorporating flexible materials and design innovations that cater to the athletic motions of the sport. Being shorter in the sleeve also means they provide a level of comfort that long sleeves can’t match in mild to warm weather conditions where a traditional raincoat might be too stifling. The materials used are typically water-resistant or waterproof, lightweight, and breathable to not only keep the golfer dry but also prevent overheating.

When selecting the right short sleeve rain jacket for golf, it is critical to consider the fabric’s waterproofing capabilities and breathability. Equally important is ensuring the fit is right, as it should be snug enough to keep water out but loose enough to allow for a full range of motion. Other features to look out for are seam sealing, closures, and the presence of pockets designed to keep your scorecard dry.

After thoroughly examining various short sleeve rain jackets designed for golf, we’ve honed in on a select few that stand out from the rest. Our findings focus on jackets that excel in performance, comfort, and style on the course, ensuring you can concentrate on your game regardless of the weather.

The 5 Best Short Sleeve Rain Jacket for Golf

Our selection of the best short sleeve rain jacket for golf is designed to keep golfers dry and comfortable, without restricting movement during a swing. We understand that golfers need to maintain flexibility, and these jackets are chosen for their lightweight materials, breathability, and water-resistant properties. Whether facing a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, our recommendations ensure you stay protected while enjoying your game.

Our Top Pick

adidas Men’s Standard Provisional Short Sleeve Rain Jacket

Excellent protection from the rain while still being very comfortable. We loved the front zip pockets.

Golfing amidst a light drizzle, we found the adidas Men’s Provisional Short Sleeve Golf Jacket to be a superior choice for its comfort and functionality.


  • The lightweight material provides ease of movement during swings.
  • Its half-zip design allows for quick temperature adjustments on the go.
  • Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, supporting sustainability.


  • Limited total reviews may not reflect a wide range of user experiences.
  • The fit might vary, so check size charts carefully before ordering.
  • Short sleeves may not suit those seeking full arm protection.

Hitting the greens on a damp day, we appreciated how the adidas Provisional Short Jacket kept us comfortably dry without sacrificing our range of motion. The regular fit cut offered enough space to layer a shirt underneath for cooler mornings, transitioning nicely as the day warmed up. Add in some golf rain gloves and you are all set.

The convenience of front zip pockets stood out during our round; easy access to our golf balls and tees meant no fumbling through bags between shots. Adjusting the drawcord on the hem assured us a snug fit that stayed in place, even with the brisk golf cart rides between holes.

After the round, laundering the jacket was a breeze due to the easy-care polyester fabric. It felt gratifying to wear a product made of recycled materials, aligning with our eco-friendly values. Overall, we concluded that the adidas Provisional Short Jacket holds up well under the variable conditions you might encounter on a warm, rainy day on the course.

TGW Short Sleeve Pullover

We think the TGW Men’s Waterproof Short Sleeve Golf Rain Pullover is a must-have for golfers who won’t let a little rain dampen their game day.


  • Ensures excellent range of motion during swings
  • Successfully keeps the elements at bay with a high collar and waterproof zipper
  • The fabric combines quietness and flexibility, making it ideal for an undistracted game


  • With only three reviews, user-based feedback is limited
  • Hand wash only care might be inconvenient for some
  • The short sleeve design may not appeal to those looking for full arm protection

When you’re on the course, and an unexpected downpour hits, this pullover is your ally. Just last week, I was caught in a sudden shower, and slipping on this short sleeve rain jacket made all the difference. Its 4-way stretch fabric didn’t restrict my swing, giving me the confidence to play on despite the rain.

The quarter-zip placket is more than just stylish, it’s a shield with its 2-way YKK Vision waterproof zipper. As I adjusted the zipper to just the right height, it struck me how such a simple feature can provide both comfort and protection. The stand-up collar also stopped the rain from sneaking in, ensuring I remained dry.

I value peace and quiet while focusing on my putts, and thankfully the fabric of this jacket is as silent as advertised. There was no rustling to distract me or my fellow players. Plus, the breathable material kept me from overheating, a common issue with lesser rainwear.

Remember, this jacket is hand wash only, which does require a bit more care post-game. While I prefer the ease of machine washable items, the performance of this pullover makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Zero Restriction Rain Jacket

We think this jacket is an essential for any golfer who doesn’t let the rain dampen their game.


  • Excellent freedom of movement
  • Fully sealed seams ensure it’s watertight
  • Durable pocket reinforcement


  • Only ships within certain regions
  • Limited total reviews
  • Pricier option for some budgets

When we took the Zero Restriction Rain Jacket out on the course, it felt like a game-changer. Despite the rain, our swings were uninhibited, thanks to the innovative power torque back. The freedom in our movements was noticeable, and it didn’t even feel like we were wearing a rain jacket.

The skies opened up during the back nine, but we stayed dry. Not a single drop got through. Zero Restriction lives up to its name; all the seams on this jacket are carefully sealed, ensuring complete waterproof protection. Plus, the chin didn’t chafe, a complaint we’ve had with lesser jackets in the past.

Durability is key for any piece of golf apparel, and this jacket didn’t disappoint. The Bemis abrasion tape added a robust feel to the pockets, a smart touch since we’re always fishing for tees and scorecards. While this jacket might stretch the budget for some, we found the investment worth it for the quality and performance.

Holloway Raider Pullover

We found the Holloway Raider Pullover to be an exceptional choice for golfers seeking both comfort and protection without excess weight.


  • Remarkably light and unrestrictive, enhancing the ease of our swings.
  • The pullover’s weather-resistant features kept us dry during unexpected drizzles.
  • Handy sleeve pocket with media port kept our valuables secure and accessible on the go.


  • Lacks stretch, which might restrict some golfers despite its lightweight design.
  • It’s a bit thin, so it might not provide ample warmth on cooler days.
  • The open bottom can allow wind to enter, which may be unfavorable in certain playing conditions.

When we tried on the Holloway Raider Pullover, its ultra-lightweight Aero-Tec fabric immediately impressed us, allowing for a full range of motion which is crucial on the golf course. Swift movements, including swings and bends, felt entirely unhampered. The quietness of the fabric was also a noteworthy aspect; it did not distract us during gameplay.

The pullover’s quarter zip style provided an easy on-off experience which proved convenient as the weather shifted throughout our games. Its water repellent properties were put to the test during a light rain; we stayed dry without the need for bulky outerwear that often hinders performance.

One of our favorite features was the sleek sleeve pocket that not only added a touch of style but served a functional purpose. It was a perfect spot for a scorecard or smartphone, enhanced with a media port for headphones, which let us enjoy music while practicing our shots.

In short, the Holloway Raider Pullover is a solid investment for any golfer looking for lightweight weather protection, though it may require an additional layer on chillier days.

Rawlings Short Sleeve Jacket

We found this Rawlings Short Sleeve Jacket to be an ideal companion for golfers looking for a blend of comfort and functionality.


  • Stretchy fabric allows for a full range of motion
  • Kangaroo pocket provides handy storage
  • Hood enhances the jacket’s athletic appeal


  • Some may find the jacket’s length shorter than desired
  • Material thickness might not suit everyone’s preference
  • Fit might differ from standard sizes, so consider ordering a size down

Wrapping the jacket around my shoulders, I appreciated the snug athletic fit immediately. The stretch woven fabric moved with me as I swung my golf club, offering unimpeded motion and making sure comfort was never compromised.

On cooler days, the kangaroo pocket was a sanctuary for my hands, keeping them warm between shots. The pocket was also spacious enough to hold my golf balls and tees securely, which proved extremely convenient on the course.

The fitted hood kept the wind at bay while maintaining the jacket’s sleek, sporty look. However, I noted that the jacket’s length was a tad shorter than some of my other golf wear, which might be a concern for taller individuals seeking full coverage.

Overall, stepping out onto the green with the Rawlings Short Sleeve Jacket gave me a boost of confidence. Despite encountering a few size inconsistencies, the quality of the material and the freedom it offered in my golf swing made it a valuable addition to my golfing attire.

Short Sleeve Rain Jacket for Golf Buying Guide

Material and Comfort

First and foremost, we evaluate the material. A high-quality rain jacket for golf should be made from a lightweight, waterproof, and breathable fabric. Water resistance is essential to keep us dry, but breathability is just as critical to prevent overheating as we play. Look for terms like ‘Gore-Tex’ or ‘water-resistant membrane’ which indicate excellent waterproofing abilities.

Fit and Mobility

Next, the fit should allow for a full range of motion. Golf requires swinging, bending, and twisting, so our rain jacket mustn’t restrict our movement. An ergonomic design with articulated elbows and a stretch fabric can be beneficial.

Adjustable cuffsHigh
Elastic hemMedium
Swing pleatsHigh

Weatherproof Features

We consider weatherproof features crucial. Sealed seams, waterproof zippers, and a high collar help to enhance protection against the rain. It’s advisable to check for a jacket with adjustable features, such as cuffs and drawstrings, to seal out the elements.

Style and Extras

Although performance takes precedence, we shouldn’t overlook style. A jacket that looks good boosts confidence on the course. Additionally, pockets are practical, offering a safe place to store scorecards and golf tees.

Color optionsMedium
Stylish designMedium

Care and Durability

Lastly, the jacket should be easy to care for and durable enough to withstand regular use. We look for materials that hold up well after repeated washes and resist snagging and tearing on the course.

best short sleeve rain jacket for golf

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting the perfect short sleeve rain jacket for golf, it’s important to prioritize features that enhance performance in wet conditions while maintaining comfort and mobility.

What are the features to look for in a high-quality short sleeve golf rain jacket?

In a high-quality short sleeve golf rain jacket, we look for waterproofing, breathability, and flexibility. Taped seams, adjustable closures, and a lightweight design are crucial for keeping us dry without restricting our swing.

How do I choose the best short sleeve rain jacket for staying dry on the golf course?

To choose the best jacket, we consider the climate and our personal preference for fit. Jackets with Gore-Tex or similar materials offer reliable protection. A tailored fit with adjustable elements ensures comfort and function on the course.

What materials offer the best waterproofing in short sleeve golf jackets?

Materials like Gore-Tex, eVent, and Teflon-coated fabrics are known for providing excellent waterproofing in golf jackets. These materials keep water out while allowing sweat vapor to escape, ensuring we stay dry from both external and internal moisture.

Are there any breathable yet water-resistant short sleeve golf jackets ideal for humid conditions?

Yes, jackets featuring fabrics with a high moisture vapor transmission rate are ideal. These materials, like Gore-Tex Paclite or H2No, provide breathability and water resistance, making them perfect for humid conditions while we play.