Best Set of Golf Clubs Under $400: 5 Best Options

Golf is a sport that combines skill, strategy, and the serenity of playing amidst sprawling green landscapes. As a sport that has been enjoyed for centuries, it requires the right equipment to play at your best. The centerpiece of any golfer’s arsenal is the set of clubs. A good set of golf clubs can significantly impact a player’s game, aiding in distance, accuracy, and the overall feel of the shot. High-quality golf equipment often comes with a high price tag, but there are options available for those on a tighter budget who still want to enjoy the benefits of a quality set.

The quest for finding the best set of golf clubs under $400 is about balancing cost and performance. While elite players might seek out top-tier brands and custom fittings, casual and beginner players have many options that won’t break the bank. Typically, these sets include a driver, one or two fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter — essentially everything needed to play a round. When looking for a budget-friendly set, it’s crucial to focus on the build quality, shaft material, and suitability for your skill level, as well as making sure the set includes the types of clubs you’ll need most often.

Our research and testing have involved exploring numerous options across the market to narrow down the choices to those that provide the best balance of quality, durability, and playability for under $400. It’s important to consider factors such as the forgiveness of the clubs, the flex of the shafts that suit your swing speed, and the overall weight and feel of the clubs. With numerous brands claiming to offer the best value for money, we’ve meticulously analyzed user feedback, professional reviews, and our own hands-on experiences to determine which sets stand out.

Best Set Of Golf Clubs Under $400

We understand the importance of finding the right golf clubs without breaking the bank. Our curated list features the very best options available for under $400. Each set has been chosen for its quality, performance, and value, ensuring that you can step onto the green with confidence and a great set of clubs that won’t let you down. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer on a budget, our recommendations are tailored to meet a range of needs and preferences.

Our Top Pick

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete 12 Piece Set

The Strata 12 Piece Set Is Designed For Maximum Performance Right Out Of The Box; The Set Includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Iron, Pw, Putter, Stand Bag And 2 Head Covers

We believe this set should be a go-to for any beginner golfer seeking a comprehensive, affordable kit that performs well on the course.


  • Offers exceptional value for money
  • Versatile selection for a variety of shots
  • Lightweight and comfortable bag for ease of transport


  • Limited customization options
  • Gear may not satisfy advanced players
  • Some may find the putter less than ideal

Having recently taken the Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set out for a test, the first thing we noticed was how forgiving the clubs were. The driver and fairway wood, with their large sweet spots, made teeing off both a pleasure and a breeze, enabling us to drive the ball farther with fewer miscues.

On approach, the hybrid club proved to be a pleasant surprise, offering a simpler alternative to the longer irons while boosting our confidence. This club in particular made us feel like we had more control over the ball, fostering an enjoyable experience on longer shots.

Finally, playing around the green, the stainless steel irons and mallet putter worked harmoniously. Our putting improved thanks to the alignment aid on the mallet, and the irons offered a blend of control and forgiveness that matched the quality of the rest of the set. Whether navigating from the fringe or setting up for a shot on the fairway, these clubs held up to the task superbly.

In conclusion, we’d recommend the Strata Complete Set for its comprehensive offering at an attractive price point. The ease of use, quality, and thoughtful composition of the set provide an enjoyable experience for novice golfers, proving that great performance doesn’t always have to come with a steep price. And don’t forget to add your best magnetic golf towel to your bag to use when out on the course.

GYMAX Men’s Golf Set

After numerous rounds on the course, it’s clear this set offers great value for beginners and casual golfers alike.


  • Price point offers accessibility to the sport
  • Variety of clubs suitable for all stages of play
  • Stand bag with convenience features adds to the overall value


  • The grips may not suit all preferences
  • Durability over time and intense usage may be a concern
  • Limited feedback on long-term performance due to fewer reviews

After testing these clubs in various conditions, their performance is rather impressive for the price. We noticed that the driver has a forgiving sweet spot, which can be a game-changer for newcomers to the sport. The assortment of irons felt solid during approach shots, and the putter had a reassuring balance to it.

The stand bag that comes with these clubs is not just for show. It’s lightweight, making transportation a breeze across all 18 holes. Plus, its built-in stand and comfortable straps eliminate any hassle, allowing us to focus solely on the game.

One aspect we must mention is the grips. While functional, some players might find them lacking in comfort during extended play. That said, it’s a minor issue and something that can be easily upgraded over time if you find it necessary.

In conclusion, GYMAX’s complete set stands out as a top contender for golfers who want to step onto the course without breaking the bank. You’ll likely be as pleased as we were with its performance, whether you’re hitting the range or chipping onto the green.

XDriveMax 10-Piece Golf Set

We found this XDriveMax set truly delivers on performance and value, making it a compelling choice for golfers on a budget.


  • Comprehensive 10-piece selection for various playing scenarios
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, enhancing the playing experience
  • Includes a durable stand bag with a rain hood for added convenience


  • Limited number of total ratings, though positive
  • May not suit those who prefer highly specialized clubs
  • Aesthetic appeal is subjective and may not appeal to all golfers

Stepping onto the course with the XDriveMax 10-Piece Golf Set, we were immediately impressed by the lightweight nature of the clubs, which contributed to effortless swings and improved handling. The oversized driver, with its prominent sweet spot, allowed us to achieve great distance off the tee. This level of forgiveness is a boon for players looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.

Adjusting to the fairways, the low-profile hybrid came into play. It exhibited a satisfying blend of versatility and performance. Instead of struggling with long irons, we capitalized on this club’s design to add those extra yards with ease. The hybrid quickly became a favorite for its ability to get us out of tricky lies.

Moving to the greens, the precision putter did not disappoint. The anti-slip surface and aligned stroke guide provided a boost to our putting accuracy. We found ourselves sinking putts with more consistency. Paired with a comfortable grip, this club was a key contributor to a confident short game.

All these clubs and the essentials were conveniently housed in a robust stand bag equipped with a variety of pockets and a rain hood, making sure our gear stayed dry and organized. Our time with the XDriveMax set validated its worth beyond the price tag, providing a well-rounded golfing experience for players looking to invest wisely.

Tangkula Complete Golf Set

We believe this Tangkula golf set is an excellent choice for its price, meeting the needs of most beginners with its comprehensive configuration and durability.


  • Impressively complete set for beginners and intermediate players
  • Driver and wood come with covers for added protection
  • The putter’s excellent aiming mechanism improves stroke accuracy


  • Some players may find the set lacks certain club variations
  • The bag’s stand may be less sturdy compared to premium options
  • Irons may not suit all playing styles and preferences

Playing with the Tangkula Complete Golf Set makes an immediate difference on the green. We noticed the driver’s larger sweet spot greatly enhances our drive, making our shots feel more powerful and well-guided. The additional weighting also creates a high level of forgiveness that’s most welcome on less-than-perfect swings.

We quickly appreciated the versatility of the set as we moved down the fairway. Whether reaching for the hybrid for its accuracy or the irons for their reliability, we found our game improving due to the deep grooves which offer better control. Each shot felt controlled and deliberate, a testament to the thoughtful design invested in these clubs.

Around the putting green, the stand bag provided convenience, though we had to handle it gently. Yet, what truly stood out was the putter’s low-weighting and alignment aid, giving us a level of precision in our putts we hadn’t expected at this price point. It’s moments like these that reminded us that the right equipment truly elevates the game.

Tangkula Golf Club Set

We recommend this set for anyone looking to enjoy a game of golf without breaking the bank, as it blends quality with value.


  • Offers a complete selection of clubs for various shots
  • Stand bag incorporates convenient features like a cooler bag
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design aids in control and comfort


  • Only one customer review, limited feedback on performance
  • May not satisfy seasoned golfers seeking specialized clubs
  • Bag durability under question with heavy use

Hitting the fairway with Tangkula’s 12-piece set feels incredibly intuitive as each club seems to guide the ball with precision. On our first outing, the driver’s generous sweet spot forgave off-center hits, launching the ball downrange accompanied by a satisfying sound. The fairway wood and hybrids have become our go-to’s for versatility, offering a promising blend of distance and control that we’ve come to appreciate.

The irons felt stable through the golf swing—their balance and construction made approach shots feel more controlled, and we certainly noticed an improvement in our short game. These clubs are solid in hand, and their non-slip texture has successfully boosted our confidence during critical strokes.

Lastly, the putter, with its alignment aid, was an unspoken hero on the green, aiding in sinking putts that would otherwise slip by. The alignment design seemed to provide that much-needed feedback for adjusting our aim and stroke.

The dual shoulder strap system alleviated the fatigue associated with lugging clubs over an 18-hole trek, proving that convenience was a priority in this set’s design. Moreover, the stand bag’s auto pop-out legs were reliable on various terrains, offering us fuss-free access to our clubs. Admittedly, we were pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful inclusion of an insulated cooler pocket—sipping on cold drinks was a sweet luxury between swings.

In conclusion, the Tangkula Golf Club Set serves up great playability and convenience for its price range. Its imperfections, while present, don’t overshadow its overall performance and value, making it a suitable choice for beginners and intermediate players alike.

Best Set of Golf Clubs Under $400

Best Set of Golf Clubs Under $400 – Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before investing in a set of golf clubs, we should consider our skill level and goals. Beginners might look for clubs designed for easier playability, while intermediate players could focus on performance and feel.

  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Goals: Improvement, Enjoyment, Competition

Club Characteristics

When selecting golf clubs, key characteristics are crucial to our performance:

  • Shaft Flexibility: Regular, Stiff, or Senior
  • Club Head Size: Standard, Oversized, or Midsize for varying forgiveness levels
  • Club Length: Ensure it matches our height and swing mechanics
  • Grip Size: Proper grip size aids in comfort and swing accuracy

Price vs. Quality

It’s essential to balance cost with the quality we seek:

  • Material: Titanium heads are pricier but offer better performance; stainless steel is more affordable.
  • Construction: Cast iron clubs are less expensive, while forged clubs offer better feel, typically at a higher price point.

Set Composition

Our set should include a range of clubs to cover the various shots we encounter on the course:

  • Drivers and Woods: For long-distance shots
  • Irons: A mix of long, mid, and short irons
  • Wedges: For short game precision
  • Putter: For the green

By paying attention to these features and understanding our requirements, we can choose the best set of golf clubs to match our budget and improve our game.

Best Golf Club Set Under $400 – FAQ

Being informed can make all the difference in choosing the right golf club set under $400. We’ve compiled the most pertinent questions and clear, accurate answers to guide your purchase.

What are the top-rated golf club sets available for under $400?

Wilson and Callaway offer highly regarded options that include all necessary clubs and fit within the price range. The Wilson Profile SGI and Callaway Strata sets are particularly popular for their quality and comprehensiveness.

How do I choose the best golf club set within a $400 budget?

Focus on sets that offer a balance of quality and variety. We advise looking at the club composition, which should include a driver, iron set, wedge, putter, and if possible, a hybrid or wood. Aim for durability with stainless steel or titanium club heads.

Which golf clubs offer the best value for beginners without exceeding $400?

The Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set is designed for newcomers and is highly affordable. Additionally, the Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf Set caters to beginners, providing exceptional value at a competitive price.

Are there any golf club sets under $400 recommended by experienced golfers?

Experienced golfers often suggest the Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set for its performance and affordability. They also point to the Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs as a robust choice for those on a tight budget.

What features should I look for in a golf club set that costs less than $400?

Key features include perimeter-weighted irons for better control, a large driver for a more forgiving hit, and a reliable putter. Quality grips and a comfortable, functional bag are also important.

Can I find a complete golf club set suitable for an average golfer under $400?

Yes, sets like the Confidence Power Hybrid Club Set or the Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Set provide average golfers with all the necessary clubs, including hybrids, at an affordable price without skimping on quality.