Best Magnetic Golf Towel Reviews – The 5 Best Options

Golf towels can be a important accessory when on the golf course. They are necessary for keeping your golf balls and clubs clean, which leads to better performance. The problem with these towels, however, is that you can easily lose track of them, which can be frustrating.

An easy way to avoid this is by using magnetic golf towel. Aside from their magnetism being the best part of these towels, there are also other factors that make them a popular and the best choice.

Today, we will look at five of the best magnetic golf towels you can buy. These will be the best towels based on their features, durability, and quality. We will find how these factors make these golf towels the best you can have and why they stand out from all others. Let’s dive in!

The 5 Best Magnetic Golf Towels

1. STICKIT Magnetic Towel

Starting us off on our best magnetic golf towels is the STICKIT towel. It is the best-regarded out of all golf towels and with good reason. So, what makes this towel the best out of all the rest?


The STICKIT towel holds some of the best features you can find on any golf towel. They include:

· Super-strong magnetic hold.

· High-quality microfiber material.

· All-weather silicone patch that protects against moisture and water.

· Removable magnetic patch.


One outstanding quality is the incredibly strong magnetic hold; the magnet can hold up to 25 pounds without buckling! The hold keeps the towel attached to any metallic surface, such as golf carts and clubs, or other nearby metal objects. The magnet lets you keep the towel around you, within arm’s reach at all times.

Next, we have the material. The towel is made of high-quality microfiber that gives you a fast dry time and the best water absorption you could need. This means not only can you completely dry your golf balls and other surfaces easily and quickly, but you also get to reuse it almost as fast. You can use this towel several times during your game without switching it out.

best magnetic golf towel


Another feature that makes this towel one of the best in its durability. The magnetic hold on the towel is so strong that even the harshest of weather cannot affect it. The magnetic patch can withstand any terrain you play in without getting ruined. You can use it for days on end, submitting it to the worst bumps and surfaces, and you will still not be able to ruin it.

Its high-quality microfiber material is made to withstand any challenges that come its way. Because of the constant moving around when playing on the green, the towel is rubbed against the cart. However, because of the superior material, the movement does not cause any wear on the towel, leaving it as good as new.

Other Features

Aside from the quality and durability, the towel also has a few notable qualities. One such quality is the deep waffle pockets. These pockets make cleaning easier and more thorough. They reach into the grooves and remove all the dirt and debris there. This ensures that you get a completely clean and impressively dry golf ball.

The towel is also machine washable, which saves you the hassle of cleaning it after every game; just throw it in the washer, and you are done. You also don’t have to worry about the magnet as the patch is easily removable during washing. With all this convenience and top-notch features, this towel is truly one of the best magnetic golf towels you can get.

2. Stripebird Magnetic Towel Clip

Second on our list of best magnetic golf towels is the Stripebird clip. While not an actual magnetic golf towel, it is a removable clip, so you can use it with any towel without buying a new one.


· Strong magnetic hold with the strength of N50

· Removable clip

· Compatible with all towels

· Incredibly durable material


One thing you cannot complain about this towel clip is its quality. The magnetic clip contains neodymium magnets that have the strength of N50, which is the strongest kind. This clip gives you hold like no other.

The clip’s quality makes it versatile in its use, letting you stick it on any golf card or club. This lets you have your towel nearby at all times. The magnetic convenience you get with the clip ensures that you do not lose your towel easily, keeping it close to you no matter where you play.


The Stripebird clip is made using one of the strongest and rarest earth magnets. This magnet gives it a superior hold that cannot be destroyed easily. The hold and the clip’s material make it one of the most durable items you could ever use.

The clip’s durability is one you can depend on. You can secure it to any golf cart or club and play with it in rough terrains, in any weather, day after day, and it will still be as good as new. If you are going to spend the whole day on the green, this is the clip you want to have by your side. It ensures that your towel is always with you and you can use it for years without problems.

Other Features

While the clip does not come with a towel, it is compatible with any kind of towel, whether made from polyester, microfiber, cotton, or nylon. You will not need to change the clip if you switch or watch your towel; all you have to do is transfer the clip to a new towel. It also fits towels of all sizes, saving you a lot of worries.

You can also use this clip to hold more than just your towel. It can fit any cloth material you are using or needs attachment. The beauty of the clip is in its versatility and its strong metal attachment that holds to any metal material no matter the size. It is definitely worth considering.

3. Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Towel

Convenience doesn’t get much better than this towel. Its strong magnetic attachment means you don’t even have to bend to retrieve your towel; you can just use the club to pick it up. It is the perfect balance of convenience and ease of use.


· Strong magnetic attachment

· Superb cleaning ability

· Lightweight and mobile

· Greenside assistant


The quality of this magnetic towel is visible in the magnetic attachment. It is made of great quality material that easily attaches to the towel, irons, or other metal parts. Not many magnetic towels take the magnetism and improve on it, but the Clothlete towel is the exception.

Another sign of the towel’s superior quality is the high-quality material it uses. The lightweight microfiber construction of the towel makes it easy to carry around and easy to clean your balls and hands.


The magnetic attachment attributed to this towel makes it easy for you to attach and detach the towel to any irons. While the easy attachment and detachment would be a problem with other magnetic towels, it is not so with the Clothlete towel. The incredible material it is made out of ensures that it does not become less effective with frequent use.

Aside from the magnetic attachment, the towel material itself is another durable part of the towel. The highly absorbent and high-quality microfiber waffle-weave material ensures that the towel stays useful no matter how many times you use it.

Other Features

Another feature that makes this towel one of the best magnetic golf towels is the Greenside Assistant. This feature ensures you can conveniently pick up the towel using your golf club without having to bend. You can use the magnetic attachment to pick up the towel easily before moving on to the next game.

Another feature is the cleaning ability it possesses. Because of the microfiber waffle-weave material, the waffle-weave material can clean your golf clubs and balls either whether wet or dry. It also has a scrubbing ability that makes it easy to clean your golf clubs.

Lastly, the towel is lightweight, and because of its wedge shape, it takes up less space by snapping around the magnetic attachment. This turns the 24″ long and 16″ wide towel into an 8″ towel for easier storage. This towel’s convenience is truly one for the books.

4. ZOEA Magnetic Towel

The industrial strength magnet is one of the best features of this golf towel. Its unique design and cleaning abilities put it on our list of the best magnetic golf towels.


· Unique design

· Industrial strength magnet

· Removable magnetic patch

· High-quality and lightweight material


The keyword with this towel is industrial strength magnet. This is one of the best selling points for this towel because of the high-quality work you can get from it. The magnet is more than strong enough to attach your towel to any metal parts or irons around you. That hold is what makes this towel admirable when it comes to quality.

The magnetic towel also does quality work when it comes to cleaning. The microfiber waffle design makes it easy to remove dirt, sand, mud, and grass better than other materials such as cotton, leaving you with clean and quality-approved golf balls.


Because of the strong magnetic hold, you can use this towel for months and with great care, even years, without replacing it. The magnetic attachment can withstand any bumps and scrapes on the green without weakening. The magnet will still work as well as it did initially, even with frequent use, a great gift for any golfer.

The towel material can also hold its own in the durability competition. Despite how often you use it, you will always get clean surfaces without wearing down the material. Ensure to remove the magnetic patch during washing to preserve its durability.

Other Features

The mobility and lightweight build of the towel are also something to envy. The lightweight material is efficient in cleaning and makes it easy for you to move around with the towel wherever you go. The magnetic patch also makes mobility easy when attached to metal surfaces, like the golf cart or the irons in your bag.

Ease of cleaning also makes this magnetic towel a steal. You can easily remove any kind of dirt using the towel, and it does not pick up any loose debris. You can also use the towel to scrub your golf balls, and together with the absorbent material, it will result in clean and dry golf balls.

5. Clothlete Magnetic Greenside Microfiber Towel

You can never have too many microfiber magnetic towels, and these Clothlete towels are here to fulfill that need. They come in a pack of three towels with one magnetic attachment for all your golfing needs.


· Strong magnetic attachment

· Greenside assistant

· Super cleaning ability

· Unique design


This towel pack has a strong magnetic attachment made of high-quality materials that can attach it to any metallic parts. The quality is so good that you don’t have to worry about losing your towel when in the middle of the game; you will find it right where you attached it in the first place.


The magnetic attachment is not just strong when it comes to attaching to objects; it is also strong enough to endure rough golfing terrain and all the bumps in the green without breaking or losing its quality. Even with frequent use, you can get months and years of use from the towels.

Other Features

The Greenside assistant feature helps you dry the towels faster; lay the towel down and use the wedge grip or the putter to keep it dry. It also helps you easily pick up the towel using the magnetic attachment without having to bend over to get it.

The towel’s cleaning ability is also something else that makes it one of the best magnetic golf towels. It uses highly absorbent microfiber material to clean and scrub your golf balls, leaving them clean. It is also compact and easy to carry around; it is the perfect companion to any golf game.


There we are! Our list of five of the best magnetic golf towels you can get for any golf game. These towels have all the necessary qualities you might need for your trip on the green, and they will not disappoint.

Their quality, durability, cleaning ability, and other features make them the best in the market and ensure they deliver on all facets. What are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these towels and start playing today!

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