Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands – 5 Top Options

Being able to hold onto a golf club correctly is important when playing golf, without it you are unlikely to hit a good shot. We can all get sweaty hands at times, whether it’s because we are feeling nervous about the shot we have to play or the weather is particularly warm and humid.

Not being able to grip the club correctly can negatively impact on your game, but don’t worry golf grip manufacturers have adapted some of their grips to suit sweaty hands. If you are looking for the best golf grips for sweaty hands, then this article will give you all you need to know.

What Makes A Good Golf Grip For Sweaty Hands?

There is no single material or golf grip design, which makes for a good grip for sweaty hands. If you have sweaty hands then it is likely that you will be putting a lot of moisture onto your golf grips. To combat this you should look for golf grips that are specially designed for either play in all weathers or specifically wet weather and are designed for extra grip.

Some golfers with sweaty hands prefer using golf grips with cords, but there are some excellent choices which do not have cords. This includes golf clubs which are extremely tacky, which means that they are stricken to touch, but they still have a smooth feel.

Many golfers are guilty of neglecting their golf grips. If you have sweaty hands it is vitally important that you care for your golf grips, as the extra sweat from your hands is likely to result in the faster deterioration of your grips.

With this in mind, you should wipe down your grips with warm, not boiling water, after each round, and make sure you replace them once they have become too worn. A combination of sweaty hands and worn out grips is unlikely to result in success.

The 5 Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

1. Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip

Winn’s pride themselves on being the first golf grip manufacturer to bring premium polymer golf grips to the public. The Dri-Tac grip from Winns is their tackiest golf grip ever, and comes in a range of sizes. It’s produced from a polymer material, which brings together a comfortable feel with exceptional non slip performance. It is specially designed for golfing in all weathers, but many golfers with sweaty hands swear by the Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip. This is because the slip resistant design they have created for wet weather also applies to sweaty hands.


  • Uses premium polymer
  • Reasonably price


  • Limited design options
  • Looks unattractive compared to many of its competitors

2. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

Golf Pride are one of the most reputable golf grip manufacturers around, and it is no surprise that they feature on this list. Golf Pride even have a very handy grip selector on their website, which allows you to input information depending on your glove size, and playing conditions. As part of this if you select that you play in wet conditions and explain that you have sweaty hands, then you are recommended the MCCPlus4 golf grip.

The MCC Plus4 grip has a raised ridge with a micro-diamond texture, and combines rubber and cord for good performance in all weather types.

Not only has the grip been designed to help you grip the club, it has also been designed to help your golf swing. The clever guys as Golf Pride have put 4 extra layers of tape on the lower hand of the grip, which encourages a lighter grip pressure, and leads to the bottom hand being less likely to take over. If you hook your shots low and left, then it is likely that your bottom hand is taking over, and this club could help you improve your game.


  • Striking modern design
  • Specially designed for strong grip and improved performance


  • More expensive than many competitor products

3. SuperStroke Traxion Wrap Club Grip

The SuperStroke Traxion Wrap grip comes in a collection of colors and has a retro vibe to the design. Depending on your preferences you will either love the look of them or hate them. The grips are made of polyurethane, and have a great tacky feel to them, and for extra grip, X-shaped Traxion threads have been added.


  • Collection of colours available, including a retro finish
  • Extremely durable


  • Retro look may not be to your liking

4. Golf Pride MCC Align New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

The MCC Align New Decade golf grip by Golf Pride is the number 1 hybrid golf grip used by golf professionals. You might be wondering what a hybrid grip is? A hybrid grip combines the positive aspects of rubber and cord to create a grip that can be used in all weather conditions. This grips has been specially designed with brushed cotton cord towards the top of the grip to allow for firm control, and rubber in the lower hand to provide feel and responsiveness.

This grip comes in a striking modern design, with options including white and green offering a striking green line through the rear of the grip, providing a fresh new look to your clubs.


  • Hybrid offers you the best of both worlds
  • Striking modern design
  • Strong grip towards top of the club


  • Some may find a lack of grip towards the bottom of the grip, where there is no cord – this will depend on how sweaty you get

5. Golf Pride CP2 Pro Align Golf Grip

The CP2 Pro Align Golf Grip is the softest multi-texture grip they produce, and has a soft and tacky feel. The CP2 contains Golf Pride’s registered Control Core technology and an inner core stabilizer which reduces torque. It is designed for use in all weather conditions, and encourages an even grip pressure to improve performance.


  • Delivers comfort and control to golfers


  • Design is uninspiring, especially when compared to the other Golf Pride grips on this list

What Grip Is Best for Sweaty Hands?

best golf grips for sweaty hands

There is no one best golf grip for sweaty hands. We have provided a list of 5 of the best golf grips for sweaty hands, and which one works best for you will depend on your personal circumstances. For example, some people will love the retro look of the SuperStroke Traxion Wrap grip, whereas others will hate it.

Similarly, the Golf Pride MCC Align New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, is a hybrid grip which doesn’t include extra grip towards the bottom of the golf grip. Whilst this may offer enough grip for those with slightly sweaty hands, if you have very sweaty hands, this grip may not offer enough grip for you.

How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating When I Play Golf?

If you get sweaty hands under pressure, you may want to consider taking steps to stay calm. Golf is a difficult game, and almost anything can go wrong at any time. Having the right mental approach is vital to golfing success, and visualising good golf shots can calm you down and reduce your sweating. Additionally, breathing techniques can slow down your heart rate and reduce stress.

If you have sweaty hands no matter what, then you should try to take steps to dry your hands. Taking one of the best magnetic golf towels with you on the golf course, specifically to dry your hands could help, as could some dry hand products, such as chalk.

A sweatband placed on your wrists could stop sweat getting to your hands, but it will not stop sweat which develops from your hands themselves. However, some feel that sweatbands on their wrists impact on their swing, so you will need to be wary of this.

If you play in hot and humid conditions, then you should take steps to keep yourself cool. Don’t rush between shots, wear breathable clothes and a hat, and keep hydrated. Drinking cold drinks can add condensation to your hands, so make sure you wipe your hands dry after having a cold drink on the course.

Are Cord Grips Better for Sweaty Hands?

Many golfers with sweaty hands swear by cord grips. While most golf grips suitable for sweaty hands contain cord, there are some alternatives available which do not use cord. This includes grips with a tacky feel that do not have cord. As such, cord grips may be better for sweaty hands, but not exclusively,

What Is The Tackiest Golf Grip?

Tacky golf grips will have a naturally sticky feel when you run your fingers across them. They offer a great option for golfers with sweaty hands, who prefer a smooth feel. This means that golfers with sweaty hands do not need to sacrifice the feel of a smooth golf grip for extra grip.

Many reviewers and used have rated grips made by Grip Master and BestGrips as the tackiest golf grips on the market. BestGrips are marginally cheaper, at around $4 less than Grip Master, which just edges it in a battle between the two for some users.

In the end, finding the best golf grips for sweaty hands is something that is a balance between having a tacky grip and also a grip you feel comfortable with.