Best Magnetic Golf Towels for Men: Top 5 Picks

Magnetic golf towels are designed for the golfer who values efficiency and practicality. These towels come equipped with strong magnets, allowing them to easily attach to a golf cart or clubs, ensuring they are always within reach. This feature is particularly useful when a player needs to quickly clean their equipment or wipe their hands before a critical shot.

When considering a magnetic golf towel, it’s crucial to look for strong magnets that will stay attached even as you move around the course. The quality of the towel material is also important, as it needs to be absorbent and durable to withstand the various conditions encountered during a round of golf. Size is another factor; the towel must be large enough to handle all cleaning tasks while being compact enough to carry with ease.

Through our extensive research and hands-on testing, we’ve been able to round up a selection that stands out on the green. Our focus has been on durability, magnet strength, and overall performance to ensure that we recommend the best options for enhancing your golf experience.

Best Magnetic Golf Towels for Men

In our search for the best golf accessories, we’ve discovered that a high-quality magnetic golf towel is essential for any golfer. It offers convenience, allowing for quick access during a round, and its magnetic properties ensure it stays securely attached to your cart or clubs. Our selection focuses on durability, absorption, and design, to ensure you have the most efficient and stylish options available. Let’s take a closer look at our top picks.

Our Top Pick

Dynasty Golf Magnetic Golf Towel

The magnetic golf towel provides an incredible strong hold and will not fall off your cart or when the magnet clip to your club.

We believe this towel is a game-changer for its convenience and strong magnetic grip, making it an excellent choice for any golfer. Even though we rated it as the best magnetic golf towels for men, it is also a great choice for women


  • Strong magnet provides a secure hold
  • Easy to attach and pick up without bending over
  • Effective waffle pattern design for cleaning


  • May appear smaller than expected
  • Magnet doesn’t attach to all metal surfaces
  • Some might find the magnet too weak

After giving the Dynasty Golf Magnet Towel a thorough going-over on the course, we’ve gathered some insights. The strong magnet is genuinely impressive; it clings firmly to the cart and our clubs, meaning we don’t fret about it falling off mid-round. Moreover, the act of simply touching the club to the towel to pick it up feels like a neat little trick – it definitely saves our backs from constantly bending over.

The waffle weave pattern of the fabric is another highlight. It’s perfect for getting the grime off balls and clubs, which is a blessing when faced with a muddy lie. The microfiber material not only cleans well but also dries reasonably fast, ensuring we can keep our gear in top condition.

However, while using it, we noticed a couple of drawbacks. The size can be deceiving. When the towel is fully stretched out, it provides ample cleaning surface, but its folded and sewn design might make it appear too small at first glance. Additionally, when it comes to the magnet, while it is strong, it doesn’t stick to all metals – some stainless steel surfaces just won’t hold it. We’ve observed varying feedback on the magnet’s strength; some say it’s plenty powerful, while others have experienced a less secure grip.

In summary, we find the Dynasty Golf Magnet Towel to be a valuable addition to our golfing kit. It does its job well, with the convenient magnet and cleaning ability being the main selling points. There are minor issues, but they don’t overshadow the overall functionality. For those who prioritize ease and efficiency on the course, this towel is certainly worth considering.

STICKIT Magnetic Towel

We think the STICKIT Magnetic Towel is a must-have for any golfer who values convenience and efficiency on the course.


  • Strong magnet ensures the towel stays secure
  • High-quality microfiber material for excellent absorption and fast drying
  • Easy cleaning with a removable magnetic patch


  • Magnet may be too strong, making detaching the towel difficult for some
  • Premium pricing compared to non-magnetic alternatives
  • Towel size may be bulky for minimalist golfers

After several trips to the green with the STICKIT Magnetic Towel in hand, we’ve noticed an impressive convenience factor that isn’t found in traditional towels. Not having to dig through our bag every time we needed to wipe down a club or ball was a real game-changer. The industrial-strength magnet clung firmly to our clubs and cart without the slightest slip even while driving across rough terrain.

In our hands, the quality of the microfiber was immediately apparent; it dealt with the dirt and moisture on our balls and irons with ease. The deep waffle pockets were especially handy for getting into those tight groove spots. We appreciated the effortlessness with which it whisked away debris, leaving a clean surface every time we used it.

We also washed the towel a couple of times, and it’s as easy as it gets. The magnetic patch snapped off quickly, and after a spin in the wash, the towel came out looking good as new. Drying time was snappy too, which meant we could use it again without delay. The durability of the STICKIT Towel has proven itself, making it a solid investment for us.

BIG TEETH Magnetic Towel Set

We find the BIG TEETH Magnetic Towel Set to be an excellent investment for golfers seeking versatility and convenience on the course.


  • Magnets provide strong attachment to metal surfaces.
  • The clip’s compatibility with any towel adds versatility.
  • Microfiber towel promises quick drying and effective cleaning.


  • Won’t stick to non-metal clubs like graphites or hybrids.
  • If overly soiled, the magnetic clip might be challenging to clean.
  • A magnet could potentially detach if it snags on something.

Having just spent a day on the greens with the BIG TEETH Magnetic Towel Set, we appreciate the practicality it brings. The included N52 magnets clung firmly to our cart and clubs, sparing us the hassle of towels dropping mid-swing. The flexibility to switch my preferred towel onto the magnetic clip catered to my taste for variety and allowed easy replacements when necessary.

The microfiber towel’s waffle design tackled dirt and moisture efficiently, leaving clubs clean and grip-ready. Not once did we struggle with wet patches or smears. The convenience was evident as we moved from hole to hole, easily snapping the towel back into place without bending down or interrupting the flow of the game.

Yet, it’s noteworthy that while the magnet’s strength is commendable, it’s limited to iron and metal surfaces. Graphite and hybrid club users will miss out on this convenience. Also, we realized that while the magnetic clip is a boon, one would need to pay attention not to brush it against carts and other obstacles to prevent it from detaching.

Overall, the BIG TEETH Magnetic Towel Set proved to be a practical companion on the course, enhancing our golfing experience with its strong magnetic hold and easy-to-clean towel.


We think this UITWMKTG Golf Kit is a wise pick for golfers seeking convenience and efficiency on the course.


  • Superb magnet strength ensures the towel stays put
  • Inclusive cleaning brush adds value by keeping clubs spotless
  • Quality microfiber material excels in absorption and durability


  • The magnet could be bigger for guaranteed adherence
  • Brush quality surpasses the towel, creating slight imbalance in the set
  • Towel’s magnet may struggle with heavier fabrics during rounds

Out on the green, the magnetic strength of the UITWMKTG Golf Kit’s towel impressed us with its holding power. The N50 magnet stays attached to the golf bag or clubs without a hitch, alleviating the worry of a missing towel midway through a round. We’ve noticed it withstands vigorous movement and doesn’t easily drop, even as we traverse the bumpy fairways.

The included cleaning brush proves its worth when dealing with stubborn dirt on the clubs or shoe grooves. It’s seamlessly attachable to our golf bags, making sure we won’t waste time searching for it when needed. We’ve noticed it cuts down the hassle often associated with manual cleaning, adding a level of cleanliness to our clubs that we don’t always see with standalone towels.

Despite the strong magnet, we’ve felt the towel size could be generous for a more consistent metallic catch. Particularly heavy clothes seemed to overpower the magnet occasionally. And while the material endures frequent washes without losing its color or absorbency, it’s the combination with the brush that overshadows the towel’s simplicity. We’ve had to get creative with securing it in place when the magnet alone doesn’t suffice, but overall, this hasn’t detracted significantly from the positive experiences we’ve had.

Small Magnet Golf Towel

If you’re in need of a golf towel that’s conveniently retrievable and excels at cleaning, this one’s a strong contender.


  • Strong magnet for easy pickup with clubs
  • Compact and portable, perfect for greenside use
  • Effective waffle design cleans balls and clubs well


  • Small size may not suit all cleaning needs
  • Magnet can complicate laundry process
  • Microfiber material may not appeal to everyone

Out on the green, the Small Magnet Golf Towel from Dynasty Golf has been a game-changer for us. The built-in magnet has allowed for smooth pickups, sparing our backs from constant bending. It’s almost as if it springs into our hands with just a gentle tap from a club — quite the convenient feature.

The towel’s waffle design is not just for aesthetics; it genuinely does an excellent job at scrubbing off dirt from our golf balls and club faces. We were impressed by its durability and ability even to hold dampness in the scorching heat, keeping it primed for cleaning throughout the round.

We’ve noticed how the small size of this towel lends itself remarkably well for quick green-side clean-ups. It ranked as our best golf ball towel and it slips easily into a pocket or hangs unobtrusively on our bags, thanks to the clip, ensuring it’s there when we need it without being a nuisance. Despite its size, it’s certainly carried its weight during our games, and we’ve found ourselves reaching for it more often than we anticipated.

Men’s Magnetic Golf Towels Buying Guide

When selecting the best magnetic golf towel, we consider several critical features to find the perfect match for our needs.

Material Quality

We prioritize towels made from high-quality materials, such as microfiber, which is known for its superb absorbency and durability. The texture of the towel should be soft enough to protect our clubs from scratches while being robust enough to handle the wear and tear of a golf game.

Magnetic Strength

A strong magnet is vital for securing the towel to our golf bags or carts. We ensure the magnet is powerful enough to prevent the towel from falling off during movement.

MaterialHighDetermines absorbency & longevity
Magnet StrengthCriticalMust support the towel’s weight

Size and Design

The towel’s size should be ample to clean our golf equipment adequately without being too bulky. We look for towels with a smart design, possibly with a waffle weave pattern that aids in scrubbing away dirt.

Attachment Mechanism

The ease with which we can attach or detach the towel is significant. We prefer a mechanism that allows for quick removal and attachment.

SizeModerateLarge enough for effective cleaning
DesignModerateShould aid cleaning without damage
AttachmentHighQuick and easy attachment essential

Care and Maintenance

We opt for towels that are easy to clean and maintain, ideally machine washable. Durability through repeated washes is a characteristic we cannot compromise on.

By keeping these factors in mind, we are well-equipped to choose the best magnetic golf towel that meets our demands without any compromise on quality and functionality.

best magnetic golf towels for men

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide clear and concise answers to common questions about magnetic golf towels, ensuring you understand their advantages and how to care for them.

What features should I look for in a high-quality magnetic golf towel?

A high-quality magnetic golf towel should have a strong magnet for secure attachment, be made of durable and absorbent material like microfiber, and have a convenient size for handling and storage. It should also feature a design that allows for easy access to the towel while playing.

How do magnetic golf towels compare to traditional golf towels?

Magnetic golf towels offer a more secure attachment to your golf bag compared to traditional towels, which typically use a loop or a hook. This means they are less likely to be lost or dropped. They also provide quick and easy access, which can speed up your routine on the course.

Can magnetic golf towels be securely attached to a golf bag?

Yes, magnetic golf towels are designed with strong magnets that allow them to attach securely to a golf bag or cart. This secure attachment ensures the towel remains in place throughout the round and is easily accessible when needed.

What is the best way to maintain and clean magnetic golf towels?

To maintain magnetic golf towels, wash them regularly with mild detergent and cold water. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach as these can damage the material and the magnet. Air-dry the towels, and make sure the magnet is completely dry to prevent rust.