Best Jumbo Golf Grips: Top Picks for 2024

A grip that matches a player’s hands can improve comfort, stability, and swing consistency. Among the different types of grips available, jumbo golf grips have become increasingly popular for players looking to improve control and reduce grip pressure.

Jumbo grips are larger in diameter than standard grips and are designed to take the smaller muscles out of the hands and wrists during the swing. This can decrease unwanted wrist action for a more stable and consistent strike. Golfers with larger hands, arthritis, or other hand conditions may find that jumbo grips provide a comfortable and pain-free way to enjoy their game. They can also be beneficial to players who tend to grip the club too tightly, as a larger grip naturally encourages a lighter hold.

When shopping for the best jumbo golf grips, there are several key factors to consider. Material composition is critical; it affects the grips’ feel and durability and can also influence the grip’s performance in different weather conditions. Texture and pattern design are important as well, since they have an impact on the amount of traction and comfort the grip provides. The grip’s firmness can vary from soft to hard, which changes the feedback a golfer receives during swings and strikes. Additionally, consider the weight of the grip, as it can alter the balance and feel of the club.

Identifying the best jumbo golf grips involves balancing these attributes to find a grip that aligns with individual preferences and playing styles. Our team has invested considerable time examining and evaluating a range of jumbo golf grips to discover those that will offer the confidence and control golfers seek for their game.

Best Jumbo Golf Grips

We’ve meticulously researched and compared an array of jumbo golf grips to help you find the ideal match for your golfing needs. Our selection is crafted to enhance your hold, provide superior comfort, and improve your overall performance on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a dedicated amateur, our list includes options that cater to all skill levels, ensuring everyone can benefit from the added control and reduced hand fatigue that these larger grips offer.

Our Top Pick

JumboMax Golf Grips JMX Ultralite Tapered Golf Club Grips

The JMX UltraLite golf grips oversize promotes light even golf grip pressure, it was created to be massively light: 20-25% lighter than skinny grips

For golfers dealing with hand discomfort or seeking a consistent, lightweight option to enhance their swing, these grips serve as a smart choice.


  • Noticeably reduces grip pressure
  • Enhances clubhead awareness and control
  • Promotes a stable grip in various playing conditions


  • May not fit all golf bag putter wells due to size
  • Some golfers may find the size too significant of a departure from standard grips
  • Limited color selection compared to standard grip offerings

After swapping out my standard grips for the JumboMax Ultralite, the improvement in my hand comfort became immediately apparent. Even those without arthritis have claimed that these chunkier grips minimize strain during a long day on the course. The unique tri-texture surface truly lives up to its promise, providing a non-slip grip through rain or shine.

Our experience with these grips has shown that they can indeed straighten out drives, with several of us noticing a more controlled swing. While we can’t all smash it like Bryson DeChambeau, there’s no doubt his preferred grip helps us feel more connected to the club, giving a boost of confidence at address.

However, keep in mind, if you’re someone who prefers traditional grips or has a smaller-sized hand, the oversized nature of these might take some getting used to. But for those struggling with hand pain or looking for an edge in club control, our time with these grips suggests they could be an ace in your golf bag.

Golf Pride CP2 Jumbo

In our game-improvement journey, the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Jumbo Grips have delivered comfort and stability unlike any other.


  • Enhances grip comfort for players with larger hands
  • Improves swing stability with Inner Control Core Technology
  • High-traction design ensures secure grip in various weather conditions


  • May be too bulky for players with smaller hands
  • Pricier than some standard options on the market
  • Can take some time to adjust to the reduced taper design

Having recently wrapped our clubs with the Golf Pride CP2 Jumbo Grips, we marveled at the soft rubber’s ability to pair comfort and performance seamlessly. The reduced taper design relieved some of the pressure from our lower hands, which made a notable difference in our long-iron play.

As avid golfers always looking to optimize our swing, we were quite impressed by the added stability that the Inner Control Core Technology provided. The high-traction surface let us maintain a light grip without sacrificing control, aiding our precision on full swings and finessed shots alike.

While some of us with larger hands found these grips to be a game-changer, a few of our counterparts were less enthusiastic. It took a round or two for them to adjust to the jumbo size, remarking on the grips’ substantial presence. However, for those seeking a dependable, comfortable grip that performs in various conditions, our hands-on experience suggests the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Jumbo Grips could be a superb addition to your golf bag.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour

We find the Traxion Tour grips to offer exceptional stability and feedback, enhancing our confidence on the course.


  • Improves overall grip feel with advanced Traxion Control surface texture
  • Encourages consistent hand placement with Spyne Technology
  • Helps maintain even hand pressure, thanks to Taper Control Technology


  • Some may find the installation a bit challenging
  • Diameter may be smaller than expected for a jumbo grip
  • The price point can be a bit higher compared to other grips

Golfers looking for a reliable and comfortable grip experience will appreciate what SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour has to offer. Its innovative Traxion Control surface texture grabs our attention every time, offering the right blend of feedback and tackiness that we need for those critical shots. Each swing feels assured, and the soft polyurethane outer layer makes a noticeable difference in our play.

The Traxion Control surface also helped then rank as one of our best golf grips for sweaty hands as the added tackiness helps out quite a bit.

We’re particularly fond of the built-in Spyne Technology. After replacing our old grips, the pronounced ridge led us to a more consistent hand placement, which has been a game-changer. It’s like having a built-in guide that ensures our hands are correctly positioned for every swing, which has definitely helped in squaring the clubface more naturally.

Interestingly, the Taper Control Technology contrasts the usual taper in golf grips. We’ve noticed how it helps in reducing grip tension, allowing us to swing with greater ease. Our clubhead speed seems improved, and our overall swing mechanics feel more fluid. It’s a subtle change that makes a big difference in the long run.

JumboMax UltraLite Grip

We believe the JumboMax UltraLite Grip can be a game-changer for golfers with larger hands or those seeking more control and comfort.


  • Enhanced comfort reduces hand fatigue
  • Improved grip stability promotes control
  • Non-tapered design aids in a consistent grip


  • May feel oversized for golfers with smaller hands
  • Could take time to adjust to the increased grip size
  • Some may find the grip too soft for their liking

Having recently taken the JumboMax UltraLite Grip out on the course, we found that its STR8 TECH TEXTURED WRAP genuinely provides a soft and secure touch, reducing the jarring impact that can come from a less cushioned grip. This can be particularly beneficial for players who need relief from hand pain or those who simply prefer a gentler feel.

The grip’s ULTRA-STABLE, SUPER-OVERSIZED PROFILE does wonders for power delivery. During our swing, the larger lower-hand size noticeably increased control, instilling confidence in our shots. It was impressive to feel how the club face reacted with our hands, providing feedback that can help refine one’s game.

While the TWIST-RESISTANT STABILITYCORE technology advertises enhanced performance out of the rough, we appreciated it for the day-to-day stability. The ergonomic shape meant we could practice longer without discomfort, something undoubtedly appreciated by golfers looking to improve their consistency while minimizing the physical toll.

Our experience was positive overall. Golfers looking to optimize their grip should consider the pros and cons, but we’ve found the JumboMax UltraLite Grip to be a solid option that offers significant benefits on the links.

JumboMax Tour Grips

We find the JumboMax Tour Series Golf Grips to be a game-changer for those seeking comfort and stability in their swings.


  • Encourages a lighter grip, leading to potentially faster swing speeds
  • Enlarged profile provides superior clubface awareness and control
  • Counter-balanced design aids in achieving a consistent swing tempo


  • Size may be too large for golfers with smaller hands
  • The distinctive feel can take time to get accustomed to
  • May not fit all golf bags due to increased diameter

Gripping a golf club with the JumboMax Tour Grips, the first thing we notice is how the Light Grip Pressure Technology allows us to hold onto the club without squeezing too tightly. This can be a real bonus for sustainably increasing clubhead speed. The ergonomic design is remarkably comfortable and definitely helps to reduce strain, which is especially noticeable during extended practice sessions.

Through the course of a round, the super-oversized, ultra-stable profile has a noticeable impact on our ability to control shot direction. Shots we typically struggle with seem more accurate thanks to the enhanced clubface awareness these grips provide. For golfers concerned about their grip consistency, these grips are certainly worth a try.

The counter-balanced design is another attribute that catches our attention. It smoothens our swing tempo, and we find this particularly helpful when trying to nail down a rhythm on the course. When it comes to handling, the Twist-Resistant StabilityCore certainly lives up to its name, delivering stable and reliable swings in a variety of conditions.

In essence, if you’re aiming to boost your performance with a comfortable, stable, and oversized grip, the JumboMax Tour Series Golf Grips should be right at the top of your list.

Best Oversized Golf Grips – Buying Guide

Grip Size

We consider the size of the golf grip to be paramount. Jumbo grips minimize wrist action, which can help reduce a tendency to slice the ball. When choosing the right grip size, you should look for:

  • Comfort in your hands
  • Ability to hold the club with a natural grip pressure
  • No excessive grip tension

Material and Texture

Golf grips come in various materials and textures, each offering different levels of tackiness and comfort. Pay attention to:

  • Rubber, for durability and all-weather performance
  • Corded or ribbed textures for increased grip during wet conditions
  • Smooth or tacky surfaces for a softer feel


Golf grip firmness affects feedback and control. Look for:

  • Firmer grips that offer more feedback and are preferred by players who want to better sense the impact with the ball.
  • Softer grips that can absorb more vibration and provide comfort, especially for those with joint pain.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is crucial for maintaining a consistent grip in all conditions. Look for:

  • Grips with moisture-wicking properties
  • UV resistance to prevent the grip from wearing out too quickly

Feedback and Tackiness

A good jumbo grip should provide the right level of feedback and tackiness:

  • Feedback: Ensures you are aware of how the club is striking the ball.
  • Tackiness: A tackier grip helps keep the club in your hands with less effort.

Remember, it’s essential to find a jumbo grip that complements your playing style and physical needs. Regular replacement of grips is also necessary to maintain optimal performance, as they wear out over time due to usage and environmental factors.

best jumbo golf grips available

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we tackle some of the key inquiries golfers have about the best jumbo golf grips, from their impact on play to their popularity among professionals.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using oversize golf grips?

Jumbo grips can enhance a golfer’s control by reducing grip pressure and wrist turn, leading to more consistent shots. However, they might also decrease shot feedback and feel, which can affect precision for some players. They are also usually not a great option for golf grips for smaller hands.

What are the top-rated jumbo golf grips on the market?

The Golf Pride CP2 Pro Jumbo Grip and the Winn Excel Oversize Grip are among the highest-rated options. They offer excellent shock absorption and a comfortable, tacky feel that many golfers appreciate.

Do any professional golfers endorse the use of jumbo grips, and how do they affect their game?

Yes, professional golfers like Phil Mickelson have used jumbo grips. They can provide better grip and control for players with arthritis or other hand conditions, helping to improve overall game performance.

Can using jumbo golf grips help prevent or reduce the likelihood of a slice in a golf swing?

Jumbo grips can help players who tend to grip the club too tightly, which is often a factor in causing a slice. Their increased size encourages a lighter grip, promoting a squarer clubface at impact.

How do jumbo grips compare to standard grips for golfers with larger hands?

For golfers with larger hands, jumbo grips offer a more comfortable fit, reducing hand strain and improving grip comfort during the swing. This match in grip size can lead to improved shot consistency and control.