Best Insoles for Golf Shoes: Your Ultimate Comfort Guide

You don’t have to either cut your golf game short because of foot pain or continue to play in discomfort.

As simple as adding insoles to your golf shoes may appear, it’s a highly effective solution. They work to provide extra support to your lower body, enabling you to golf for longer periods of time with greater ease.

Some shoe inserts are designed to relieve foot pain, while others feature smart technologies. So, what are the best insoles for golf shoes? Let’s find out!

Top 5 Best Insoles for Golf Shoes

There’s a wide range of insoles available, but only a few can provide true value. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite golf shoe inserts:

Our Top Pick


These golf insoles have a deep heel cup and forefoot cushioning that offers ultimate comfort, while their Dynamic Arch Technology distributes the forces optimally under the sole of your foot.

We must admit that Currex did an excellent job designing these insoles specifically for golfers!

Currex is aware that various foot shapes necessitate different types of support. As a result, rather than creating a standard insole design, they created insoles for feet with low, medium, and high arches.

Every detail of these inserts has been carefully considered. First off, they have a deep heel cup that allows your heel to comfortably fit on it for increased stability. Not only that, but it improves shock absorption.

Then there’s Currex’s Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT) midfoot, which aids in spreading your body’s force evenly on your foot. This is done to avoid putting pressure on specific areas of the leg, which can lead to injuries later on.

Finally, the cushioning under the forefoot is added for ultimate comfort while relying on them to make the perfect swing.

The GolfPro inserts are made of breathable materials to manage moisture levels. This allows for proper air circulation, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant odors after a long day on the golf course. They also  have small silicon patches on them to prevent slippage inside the shoe.

These insoles have a relatively long lifespan, lasting at least 800-1200 Km or around 12 months, depending on body weight. That said, when the upper layer begins to look worn out, it’ll be time to replace it.


  • Available in all arch shapes
  • Optimal heel and arch support
  • Long lifespan


  • Slightly expensive
Best Budget Option

Dr. Scholl’s FITNESS WALKING Insole

If you are looking for an option that is a bit lower priced, then the Dr Scholls are the best option for insoles for golf shoes.

Dr. Scholl’s has always been a representation of great value-for-money insoles. Their fitness walking inserts are super affordable and will allow you to complete the 18-hole course, minus the sore feet.

Their design features Dr. Scholl’s Active Perform™ technology. Simply put, this technology is based on the inclusion of a flexible arch shell in the insole. Its purpose is to make your foot move more easily, reducing the possibility of stressing its muscles’ tissues.

For added support, the inserts include a decent layer of cushioning in both the heel and forefoot areas. Yet, the overall design is quite slim, which was done on purpose to accommodate a variety of shoe types.

Moreover, we find the stimulating nodes to be a clever addition. They’re placed on specific areas of the insoles to help distribute pressure while walking.

The lifespan of Dr. Scholl’s insoles is estimated to be half that of the Currex model. To be more specific, they should be replaced every six months or whenever they begin to show signs of deterioration.


  • Quite comfortable, with just the right amount of cushioning
  • Excellent foot support while walking
  • Super affordable


  • Relatively short lifespan
Highest Quality Option

ALINE Traction Shoe Inserts

For most users, ALINE’s stay in perfect condition for up to 12 months. Get out and golf as much as you want knowing these will hold up to the repeated use.

Aline has extensive experience designing athletic shoe inserts. They’re also one of the highest-quality brands on the market. This explains why their inserts are the second most expensive option on our list after the Salted smart insoles.

These traction inserts are designed specifically for activities that require foot rotation, such as golf. They contain dynamic ribs and compression zones that work together to keep your lower body aligned as you move. You’ll notice this alignment and stability, especially when swinging.

Additionally, their heel cup has gel padding, allowing for gentle foot contact with the shoe’s sole. This is referred to as shock absorption, and the Currex model offers it as well.

In essence, both insoles’ heel designs absorb the majority of the force generated by your foot striking the ground, relieving pressure on your joints and muscles.

Similar to Dr. Scholl’s inserts, the Aline ones are slim enough to fit most shoe styles.

These inserts are breathable, thanks to the mesh layer covering them. They’ll remain in good condition for up to 12 months, depending on your level of activity.

It’s worth mentioning that these traction insoles can take a few days to break in. Plus, they occasionally make a squeaky sound when you walk on them, but thankfully there are quick fixes for that!


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Excellent foot stability and lower body alignment
  • Superior shock absorption design


  • You may hear a squeaky sound as you walk
Best Smart Technology

SALTED Smart Golf Insole

Smart Tech has now come to golf insoles. With the SALTED insoles you can easily analyze and get feedback about your swing posture using a system that analyzes address, balance, movement, and aim.

Salted has left us speechless with this wearable technology it developed for golfers. The Salted smart insoles are not only comfortable to wear, but they also have some killer features to help you up your game.

All you need to do is place these inserts in your golf shoe, download the Salted Golf app, and pair them to get started! By the way, this app is available for both IOS and Android users.

The four pressure sensors located along the insole will then work their magic to evaluate your swing. You see, these sensors will measure multiple aspects, the most important of which are:

  • Weight shifting
  • Foot pressure
  • Posture
  • Balance

All of this data is then analyzed to provide you with real-time feedback, personalized coaching, and exercise recommendations. For example, using audio and graphics, the app will explain how you can achieve the ideal swing based on your current results.

These inserts include batteries that can last up to 72 hours. They’re very easy to charge since they rely on magnetic charging via a USB connection.

The icing on the cake is that the Salted inserts are water and sweat-proof. In fact, they have an IP68 rating, which you’ve probably heard of when it comes to smartphones. Anyway, this rating indicates that the insoles are dust resistant and waterproof.

The Salted smart insoles are perhaps the most expensive choice on our list, but if you’re looking for some training, it’ll be well worth the investment!


  • Measure, track, and save data on your movements
  • Evaluate your performance and offer personalized coaching
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Quite pricey
Best Arch Support

Easy Feet Arch Support

These premium, podiatrist-recommended insoles offer strong arch support which is great for those with flat feet. They are made of hard TPU and cushioning layer with PU memory foam base for great comfort.

If your game is frequently disrupted by arch pain or if you suffer from a condition such as plantar fasciitis, these Easy Feet insoles could be just what you need. They’re primarily designed to relieve foot stress and increase walking or exercise endurance. In addition, you can add these to the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis.

These inserts are impressive in that they could support all arch shapes, flat, medium, and high. They have gel padding in the forefoot for the shock-absorbing factor we discussed earlier.

What’s more, their deep heel structure with integrated heel support provides fantastic foot balance and stability.

These arch support insoles are made of breathable lightweight materials. This means they’ll fit comfortably in a variety of shoe types and will keep bad orders at bay.

Remember that it may take a few days for you to get used to walking with this arch support in your golf shoes, so don’t be too quick to pass judgment!


  • Relieves arch pain
  • Supports all arch shapes
  • Reasonably priced


  • Might take time to break in

3 Things to Look For in Insoles for Golf Shoes

In general, there are three things to consider when purchasing insoles for your golf shoes:

Best Insoles for Golf Shoes

1.   Support

You must ensure that the insoles you’re about to buy offer proper heel and arch support. Both types of support help to reduce muscle fatigue as well as improve foot stability for more solid swings.

However, it’s crucial that you first determine the arch shape of your feet in order to select insoles that’ll provide the necessary support. Otherwise, they may aggravate your pain or cause discomfort.

2.   Comfort

Insoles are intended to reshape your feet’s alignment for greater comfort. This can take some time to develop and can be quite uncomfortable at first. That said, problems with shoe insoles shouldn’t take long to resolve, and if they do, you probably have the wrong pair.

An ideal pair of insoles is one that has a mix of stiff and soft structures. Both work in tandem to provide adequate support while remaining comfortable to wear.  Inserts shouldn’t be entirely soft to be considered comfortable; in fact, these inserts are ineffective. Keep in mind if you have wide feet, you may want to look for golf shoes for wide feet.

3.   Longevity

We are aware that the market is flooded with incredibly low-cost insoles. The thing is, aside from being made of mediocre materials that won’t adequately protect your feet, they won’t last long.

You’ll end up spending more on them because you’ll have to replace them every couple of months due to how quickly they wear. Make a wise investment in high-quality insoles for your golf shoes that’ll be worth the money and actually last a long time.

Wrapping Up

The question now is, which brand do you believe has the best insoles for golf shoes? After browsing our diverse top picks, you should have a better idea of which inserts will best suit your needs.

If you simply want extra support while golfing, the Currex model is your best bet. Whereas, if you specifically suffer from arch pain, we recommend Easy Feet inserts.

Hopefully, whatever you choose will make you feel as good as hearing the golf ball drop into the cup!