Best Golf Shoe Bag – Our 5 Top Picks

Golf shoes are the most important asset to a golfer, but they’re not ideal for use outside of the field. Due to their build, dirt and grass will soon nestle at the bottom of the shoes. So, you should be careful where you step once the game ends. 

Also, many golf clubs don’t allow wearing golf shoes inside as the dirt and spikes can damage the floor. Hence, avid golfers habitually carry their golf shoes in separate bags. Thus, the best golf shoe bag should provide protection and feature a convenient design. As a result, golfers can quickly pack up their playing shoes and avoid scratching any other surface.

Furthermore, a golf shoe bag shields your golf shoes from wear and tear and ensures they stay in tip-top condition. Similarly, many such items come with several pockets on each side, allowing you to carry all necessary items easily. However, if you’re unsure about which golf shoe bag to buy, look at our top picks and the buying guide for directions.

Best Golf Shoe Bags

Our Top Pick

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag

This is our top rated golf shoe bag as it is durable, easy to carry, and protects your golf shoes great. It also comes at a great price making it affordable for all.


The Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is great for travel and can fit shoes of up to size US 14. The bag is good for any type of shoes, including golf, gym, business, casual, and running shoes. It comprises 600 Denier Polyester and is sturdy enough to protect your shoes from dirt, mud, and weather. Also, the fabric is durable and can withstand wear and tear for many years.

The golf shoe bag has convenient side pockets that allow you to keep some extra stuff such as keys, phone, or wallet. Besides, it has a comfortable handle for easy carrying and cleverly placed mesh vents. The bag is compact and easy to carry because of its ergonomic design.


  • Built-in ventilation
  • Excellent quality and sturdy fabric
  • It is spacious enough to fit most shoes
  • It is compact and portable
  • Delivers good value for money


  • The zipper is not of good quality
Best Lightweight Bag

Adidas Golf Shoe Bag

This bag is very lightweight, making it easy to carry. It also has great pockets for adding more items to the bag and the zippers are very high quality and have great durability.


The Adidas Golf Shoe Bag is a very portable and light bag and won’t cause fatigue on your body during a match. Plus, it has a deep front pocket with a zipper for spare clothes and similar items. The two-toned golf shoe bag can easily accommodate sizes 12 and 13 US shoes and is perfect for carrying along for any occasion.

Besides that, the golf bag features a mesh insert for proper ventilation and breathability. This item is 100% polyester, so you won’t easily put a dent in it even if it feels so light. Then, the ergonomic handle completes the bag’s grab-and-go design. Additionally, it has high-quality seams and zippers that add to the overall durability and functionality of the bag.


  • Fair price
  • It has enough room for keeping shoes
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Solid build and construction
  • It has a breathable design


  • Material is thin
Most Versatile Golf Shoe Bag

CaddyDaddy Golf Shoe Bag

The CaddyDaddy bag gets our top pick for the most versatile golf shoe bag. It has an internal divider allowing you to add numerous items to it and multiple pockets.


The CaddyDaddy Golf Bag offers safe and convenient traveling for all golf lovers. However, the bag is very versatile, and you can use it for many sporting events. For example, you can carry hiking or soccer shoes in it, yoga equipment, etc. It is made of durable 600D fabric and has a ventilated mesh for proper airflow.

An internal removable divider keeps the golf shoes separate from other stuff in the bag. There are multiple pockets for keeping extra gear and zippers, ensuring nothing can fall off by accident. The shoe bag has an easy grip handle that’s comfy to get used to.


  • It has a stylish and modern design
  • Sufficient airflow
  • A removable rubber divider is good for partitioning
  • There are several pockets for extra equipment
  • It is easy to carry


  • Some users found it a bit too large
Most Breathable Design

Outdoor Golf Shoe Bag

If you struggle with shoes that never dry out or have a bit of a smell, then this is the perfect golf shoe bag for you. It has breathable sides allowing airflow to help dry out your shoes.


The Outdoor Golf Shoe Bag is stylish and easy to carry. It has a breathable net side design that keeps the golf shoes well-ventilated. Besides that, it has a foldable and flat design that saves more space if you keep it in your car or anywhere else. This bag is much more functional than plastic bags that are ugly and airtight as they can affect the shoe quality. In other words, this product can dissipate bad odor easily.

The golf shoe bag is made of 210D polyester, making it a high-quality lightweight bag. It has a sturdy zippered closure that allows you to secure all inventory well.  Additionally, the convenient top handle makes the design very ergonomic.


  • Net sides for maximum ventilation
  • Ergonomic design for easy carry
  • Material lining that prevents scratching
  • Foldable design for saving space
  • Comfortable top handle


  • No internal pocket for storage
Best For Traveling

FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoe Bag

If you take frequent golf trips then this is the best golf shoe bag for travelers. It is very durable, easy to carry and makes the perfect travel bag.


The FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoe Bag is made of polyester and has a simple, minimalist design. The bag has mesh sides that keep the bag free of shoe odor and improve the golf shoes’ overall lifespan. It has a front zipper that allows you to keep many extra items and easily reach them mid-play. Also, the bag is durable and has enough room to keep US size 12 shoes.

Though there are no side pockets, you can just keep your golf shoes inside and keep the bag lightweight for easy traveling. Aside from golf, you can use this bag for hiking, camping, cycling, and take it on any sort of outdoor adventure.


  • High-quality zippers
  • Dark color to prevent stains
  • Simple and compact design
  • Good ventilation for shoes
  • Spacious front zipper


  • Too small side compartments

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoe Bags?

Golf shoe bags should be chosen carefully as they ensure the long lifespan of your golf shoes and add to your convenience. When purchasing new equipment, you must look for several features that make the best golf shoe bag. If you’re willing to make an informed decision, you should consider these factors:

  • Ventilation

The most important feature you must consider for purchasing a golf shoe bag is its ventilation and breathability. Golf shoes can get very dirty due to sweat and smell, especially when you spend a lot of time on the course. Thus, it is very important to choose a bag with breathable material.

  • Weight and Portability

You must consider the golf shoe bag’s weight and portability, especially if you’re planning to take the bag for traveling. Lightweight bags are easy to carry, and if they have a compact design, they won’t take up much space when empty.

  • Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design of a golf shoe bag means that it is easy to use and carry. Just like the best golf shoes for wide feet, ergonomics are always important. Some features to consider in this regard are handles, detachable shoulder straps, and side pockets. Choose a two-handled or one-handle bag according to your preference.

  • Capacity and Access

If you need to keep other golf accessories along with golf shoes, you must consider a bag that has more capacity. Having more internal and external pockets can help you keep extra items. Another important thing is that you should be able to secure and open the bag quickly. Hence, look for items that feature sturdy zippers that won’t get stuck when you least expect it. 

  • Materials

A golf shoe bag should be made up of durable and sturdy materials. For example, polyester or nylon are excellent choices because they last long and resist wear and tear. Some bags are also made up of eco-friendly materials like hemp or bamboo.

best golf shoe bag

Golf Shoe Bag – FAQ

  1. When should I use a golf shoe bag?

A golf shoe bag saves space and allows you to keep your golf shoes safely and separately. This is also helpful if you don’t want to get any dirt on your clothes and want to protect your shoes from harsh weather. Thus, a golf shoe bag can help you carry the shoes safely on the course or when traveling.

  • Are golf shoe bags necessary for spikeless golf shoes?

If you have golf shoe bags, the best thing about them is that you can wear them anywhere, even in the golf club. Having a golf shoe bag for spineless shoes is unnecessary, but it will still protect your shoes from wear and tear and from getting damaged due to wind and rain.

  • Can I keep my golf shoe bags in the car?

Yes, golf shoe bags are very compact, and you can keep them in your car’s trunk or the back seat.

Wrap Up!

A golf shoe bag is one of the most simple yet useful accessories. It can keep your golf shoes in great condition and allow you to pack up after a match quickly. However, choosing a bag with the right price and functionality is also important. These bags prolong the life of your golf shoes and also save money in the long run. Buying one of the best golf shoe bags is a good investment; if you care for it, it will last for years.