Best Golf Putting Alignment String Line

When it comes to putting, practice does make perfect. However, just practicing your putting is not enough. You need to also be practicing correctly.

One of the best practice methods to improve your putting is to use a golf putting alignment string.

Making puts comes down to 3 factors: proper alignment, starting the ball on line, and speed. Using a golf putting string line will help you master two of those; starting the ball on your intended line and proper alignment. Speed, will come with frequent practce.

If you are finally ready to start sinking some putts, then we highly recommend you start practicing with one of the best golf putting alignment sting lines shown below.

Top Golf Putting Alignment String Lines

Our Top Pick

Golf Putting String Line

Our top pick because it is easy to use and simple to set up almost anywhere. It will help to make sure you are aligned correctly on your putts and provides great visual feedback on whether you are starting the ball on your intended target line.


The best golf putting alignment string line that we found. It is simple, yet incredibly effective! Set up takes just a couple seconds and you can use it almost anywhere.

Once the string is set up it will immediately show you whether or not you are set up correctly to the intended putt line. If you have a line on your putter, you can simply align it with the putting string. You will also be able to see if you are taking the putter back straight or getting off line.

The second big benefit is that you can easily see if you are starting your putts on line. As you hit your putt there is great visual feedback as to whether or not the ball travels down the sting line. You will quickly see if you are hitting your putts off line or if they are directly on your intended putting alignment. We recommend placing a straight line on your ball using one of the best golf ball marker tools we reviewed as you will be able to better see if your putt is traveling on line.

2. Putting Gate and Sting Line

We really liked the fact that this golf alignment string also had gates incorporated into it. While we would prefer to have the gates not connected to the string, it is still a nice feature.

We did find that the entire setup was a bit flimsy and was somewhat hard to get set up correctly. If you are looking to also use putting gates, we would recommend ordering several and use them when you are not using a golf ball putting line, as they are better served to be used alone.

The biggest benefit of this set up is if you are putting where you don’t have access to a hole. Instead of putting into the cup, you can instead work on making sure the putt rolls straight and exists the gate.

3. Perfect Practice Raindrop Putting Aid

While we did love this product, the price is just not justifiable. It did not provide any additional benefits that the lower priced models didn’t have. It works great, we enjoyed using it, but for the price we just didn’t feel it provided anything extra for the cost.

However, it is a great tool if you want to spend a bit more.

4. The Putting Stick Pro

While rather expensive, we did like the Putting Stick Pro. It is a great tool for helping to make sure you are starting your putts on line. It has an adjustable back swing stopper to help you groove the correct length swing. It also has a mirror to help make sure your eyes are directly over the ball.

The biggest drawbacks were that the putting alignment stick sits off the ground quite a bit so it doesn’t provide a great feel for hitting putts. We would much rather hit the putts off the ground as it is more natural and helpful.

5. Golf Putting Alignment Rail

Another great golf putting alignment rail that is really helpful for making sure you are starting the ball on line. However, putting on the rail is a bit weird and does not provide great feedback on your putting speed since the ball is traveling on top of the rail.

What we did really like is that it comes with a ring cup that you can put into. This makes it a great tool for those putting at home on an indoor putting green as you usually won’t have access to a cup to putt into.

Best Golf Putting Alignment String Line