Best Golf Gloves for Hot Weather: Top 4 Reviews and Buying Guide (2023)

Improving your grip while on the club is extremely important while playing golf, especially during drives or long iron shots. Since our skin can be quite slippery, wearing a specialized glove would do the trick.

The only problem with wearing golf gloves is that things could get really hot in there, especially on a hot sunny day. In that case, sweaty palms could end up defeating the purpose of the glove.

In today’s article, we’ll help you pick the best golf gloves for hot weather in order to maintain an excellent grip on the club while keeping your hands sweat-free. Let’s jump right in!

The 4 Best Golf Gloves for Hot Weather

There are tons of golf gloves on the market. However, not all of them are suitable for playing golf in hot and humid weather, and finding the right one can be a little daunting.

To help you with the process, we’ve compiled a review list of our favorite recommendations, so you can pick the one that suits you best:

Our Top Pick

Titleist Players Mens

Ultra-thin, giving you maximum feel and lasting performance
Premium, quality fit means a seamless connection to your club
Utilizes proprietary breathable fabric for comfort and support
Satin reinforcement at cuff and thumb for strength and durability
Available in men’s and Women’s styles

Let’s start the list with one of the overall best options out there if you’re looking for a golf glove that will keep your palms dry while maintaining an excellent grip on the club.

Titleist Players Golf Glove is made of premium Cabretta leather that is incredibly durable and decently flexible, which provides an adequate level of grip while wearing the gloves.

In addition to the materials, the gloves are reinforced with several seams that are placed so that they don’t get in the way.

Additionally, the cuffs and the thumb areas are reinforced with satin for added durability and softness while swinging the club.

The glove features a total of four lines of perforations for each finger along with a mesh connection between fingers, which helps moisture to escape to keep your hands dry while golfing.

The incredible breathability of the gloves allows the manufacturer to keep the leather thin enough to prevent distortion without worrying about the player’s palm getting sweaty.


  • Reinforced with satin at the cuff and thumbs for long-term sturdiness
  • Stylish all-leather design that prevents palm distortion
  • Unisex design that works perfectly for both men and women


  • Requires immediate drying after sessions to maintain its condition
Most Affordable

FootJoy TropiCool Gloves

Lightweight, cool comfort system-Nano lock materials located on the entire palm and back of the glove deliver optimum lightweight comfort, Maximum breathability, and quick-drying advantage.

If you’re looking for an affordable golf glove that you can rely on while playing on hot summer days, you should keep the FootJoy Tropicool Golf Glove.

What makes this golf glove special is that it’s specifically designed to stay lightweight and breathable.

The glove is designed with a palm-locking design that delivers an optimum level of comfort and fit while wearing it.

Meanwhile, the entire glove is made of soft materials that are quite breathable with a textured exterior to improve grip.

Additionally, the thumb features additional perforations for enhanced ventilation while wearing the gloves.

With that said, you should know that the glove is only suitable for as long as you keep it dry and away from excessive exterior moisture.


  • Highly affordable price while providing great quality and performance
  • Available in a huge range of sizes for men and women
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • The glove material doesn’t extend the grip when it gets wet
Best Budget Option

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Golf Gloves Premium Cabretta Leather

Premium Cabretta Leather.
One-Piece Glove. Resists Moisture.
Closure Tab.

If you’re on a very strict budget or you’re a casual golfer who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on golf gloves, this one would be an ideal choice for you.

The Kirkland Signature features a set of four golf gloves that are incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other options on the list.

Despite being decently affordable, the glove is actually made of premium grade Cabretta leather, which gives the gloves a remarkably durable base.

The gloves feature perforations on all fingers from both sides, which helps in the dissipation of heat and keeps your hands dry.

With that being said, the outer leather of the glove can get a little crusty when it’s exposed to wet conditions, so you have to dry it up immediately after playing.

This can get a little tedious for someone who plays consistently but shouldn’t be a problem for a casual player who wants to save on cash!


  • Ideal for beginners and buyers on a strict budget
  • Designed to fit incredibly well
  • Highly perforated for breathability


  • Only suitable for a casual player who doesn’t play often
Best For Maximum Grip

HIRZL Trust Control 2.0 Golf Gloves,

The entire palm of the Trust Control 2.0 is made of Kangaroo leather tanned with the HIRZL GRIPPP Technology, which increases grip with exposure to moisture and offers superior and natural grip in dry conditions. This results in 5x more grip in wet conditions and 3x more grip in dry conditions than comparable gloves.

Lastly, we have another great choice to keep in mind while buying golf gloves for hot and humid weather.

The HIRZL Trust Control 2.0 is made of kangaroo and Cabretta leather, which are some of the most durable types of leather out there all the while staying remarkably flexible.

Additionally, the leather is tanned with a special multistage technology that improves the grip of the gloves up to 5 times in wet conditions and 3 times on a hot summer day, all the while staying soft and relatively comfortable to wear.

Both the palm and the backhand leather are combined with a unique AirTech mesh that allows the air to circulate freely without compromising the glove’s grip.

In addition to all this, the gloves come in a wide range of size options, including cadet sizes for players with smaller fingers. It’s also available in right and left orientation to suit all players’ preferences.


  • Premium construction that is both durable and flexible
  • An unmatched level of breathability with excellent grip
  • The mesh keeps the gloves lightweight to reduce fatigue over time


  • Premium price tag

What to Look for While Buying Golf Gloves for Hot Weather

While buying golf gloves, there are various essential features and aspects that you need to keep in mind, especially if you typically play golf in relatively hot weather. In this section, we’ll take a quick look at those points:

Construction and Durability

The first thing you need to consider while buying a golf glove is the materials it’s made from. Ideally, a good golf glove would be primarily made of leather, especially high quality types like Cabretta and kangaroo leather.

These materials are durable enough to provide a reliable grip while holding golf gloves while maintaining their structural integrity. Meanwhile, they’re flexible enough to fit properly on your hand.

You should also check the seams on the gloves and make sure that the glove is either seamless or fortified with seams in critical areas only.


The thicker the golf glove, the harder it will be for moisture and warmth to escape, which ends up making your palms sweaty and distorting the glove, especially if the glove has limited ventilation.

While playing in warm weather, make sure that you go for thinner golf gloves that are also easier to wear and more comfortable to play with. Additionaly, take a look at our rankings of best golf gloves for sweaty hands as there are many great options.

best golf gloves for hot weather


The breathability of a golf glove is extremely critical when you’re playing in hot weather. A glove with good ventilation will allow the moisture and heat to escape and keep your hands cool and dry, which is the primary reason for wearing a golf glove in the first place.

Since leather is excellent for gripping but not ideal for ventilation, look for gloves with plenty of perforations to make up for it.

If you want extra breathability, consider going for golf gloves that incorporate mesh fabric in their construction and design.

Size and Fit

To avoid distortions and maximize your grip on the club, the golf glove should be an extension of your skin.

This means that the glove must grip tightly across the entire palm as well as your fingers without leaving any loose gaps.

While having some extra material at your fingertips is acceptable for casual non-sporting gloves, this loose gap can reduce your grip on the club dramatically.

So, if your fingers are relatively small, you should go for a cadet glove, which is a glove of the same size but with shortened fingers.

Closure Type

Proper glove closure ensures a tight grip on the club while letting wrist moisture escape. The ideal closure type for golf gloves is the hook and loop type.

This one is fairly more breathable than other types of closure, such as rubber fitting and it allows you to adjust the tightness of the gloves at wrist level, which is essential for comfort.

Wrap Up

There you have it! A simple guide that walks you through everything you should know before picking the best golf gloves for hot weather.

As you can see, an ideal golf glove for warm weather should have a sweat-wicking lining, perforations to relieve moisture, and a leather exterior to maintain a good grip on the club.

For that reason, we highly recommend the HIRZL Trust Control 2.0 Golf Glove as our favorite choice in hot weather, as it strikes an excellent balance between grip and moisture control.

However, if you’re on a strict budget, going for a lightweight glove with proper heat and moisture dissipation like FootJoy Tropicool or Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves would do the trick!