Best Golf Club Brush – Top 5 Picks

After every golf round, you want to ensure your golf clubs are in pristine condition. A quality golf club brush will ensure that your club lasts longer and will be easier for you to maneuver when teeing off. Make sure whatever product you use has all-encompassing abilities so it can take care of dirt, grass, mud, or anything that might stick to your golf equipment.

However, not all golf club brushes are made equal; they come in different shapes and sizes. When shopping for one, look for those that are dual-sided. The nylon bristle side is suitable for deep cleaning woods and drivers, while the wire bristle side works well on wedges and irons. The best golf club brush to keep at hand when cleaning your clubs is one with a sharp pick. The sharp pick will get deep into the grooves where dirt likes to hide out from being washed so often.

When choosing the best golf club brush available, consider each option’s slight differences in technology. As of this year (2022), these are some of the most popular models on the market.

Top 5 Best Golf Club Brushes

  1. Xintan Tiger Retractable Golf Club
  2. ToVii Microfiber Golf Club Brush Cleaner
  3. Yoport Golf Club Brush
  4. Caddy Splash Water Brush
  5. Ace Golf Club Brush
Our Top Pick

Xintan Tiger Retractable Golf Club Brush

With it’s simple yet effective design, this is our top choice for best golf club brushes. We love the retractable cord which makes it very easy to use.


The Xintan Tiger Retractable Golf Club Brush is one of the best options for those looking for a simple but valuable golf club brush. This brush has an ergonomic handle and soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to use – especially if you’re someone who plays a lot. 

It also comes with a two-foot-long retractable carabiner line so you can easily attach the brush to your golf bag, making it super convenient. This brush has two sides; one offers firmer bristles, while the other features softer bristles, which provide flexibility depending on what type of dirt you need to remove or how dirty your club has become. Lastly, the final perk of purchasing this product includes a spike for cleaning grooves in your clubs when necessary.


●        Easy to clean with

●        Two bristles

●        Handle designed for comfort

●        Groove cleaning spike

●        You won’t have to remove the brush from the bag to clean


●        No cleaning solution is included

Best Bundle Option

ToVii Golf Club Brush and Towel

This is a great option for those looking for all the tools they need. Not only do you get a golf club brush, but you also get a divot tool and microfiber towels to go along with it.


ToVii Microfiber Golf Club Brush Cleaner is one of the best golf club cleaning kits available today. It features a large towel made from microfiber fabric for clubs and an easy-to-use brush that will help you take care of dirt on your clubs and clean out the grooves. With its retractable handle over three feet long, this set is perfect for attaching to your golf bag, making it easier to ensure you’re ready when you need to start playing.


●        Zip lines that retract

●        Easy to wash microfiber towel

●        Groove brushes and cleaners

●        Light and portable

●        Ball marker and divot tool are available


●        Non-ergonomic handle design

Best Groove Cleaner

Yoport Golf Club Brush Cleaner

What we love about this brush is that it also has a groove cleaner on it and the retractable cord is 2 feet long.


If you are looking for a fantastic golf club cleaner, the Yoport Golf Club Brush Cleaner is a great option. Two brushes are included with the product to meet the needs of different users: one blue and one red. Three sets of bristles are included with these brushes: irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Cleaning clubs is also simple and quick, thanks to the groove cleaner on each brush. The golf club brush also comes with a durable carabiner, so you can carry it anywhere.


●        Effective spikes for easy cleaning

●        Two gold brushes are included

●        Can also clean golf shoes


●        Brushes deteriorate quickly

Best Premium Option

Caddy Splash Water Brush

The Caddy Splash is in a league of it’s own. It features a container that you can fill with water and soap that allows you to clean your clubs perfectly. With the liquid addition, you can get all the dirt and grime off your clubs with on the course.


It is common for golf manufacturers to design high-tech cleaning tools to attract technology-loving golfers. Despite this, other options on the market are less complicated and just as effective for those who prefer simple and practical solutions.

The Caddy Splash Water Brush is a perfect example; it has one small attachment, so you can squeeze some washing detergent onto your brush while you clean off the clubs. It also comes with an attachable container holding an extra liquid mixture if there isn’t enough soap left.


●        Leak proof design

●        Easy to use and portable

●        Large nylon bristles

●        Attaches directly to golf bag

●        Refillable solution


●        It can be messy when cleaning

Best “All-In-One” Option

Ace Golf Club Brush Kit

The Ace Golf Brush Kit has it all. It includes a club brush, divot tool, and groove sharpener. Everything you need to keep your clubs performing well is included in this one.


If you’re after an extensive bundle of items, these are some excellent golf club brushes and cleaners to invest in. The Ace Golf Club Brush has six fantastic items: a nylon brush for brushing your woods; a wire brush for brushing the wedges and irons.

It also has a groove sharpener to keep the grooves at their optimum length. Furthermore, the kit comes with a groove cleaner to remove any dirt build-up from inside those grooves and a divot tool that helps restore fairways affected by bunkers or tough shots. Finally, it has a magnetic ball marker, making it easier to find lost balls.


●        Two feet zip line available

●        Sharp pick for cleaning spikes

●        Nylon bristles for wire, wood, and iron

●        It comes with a groove sharpener

●        Includes a divot tool and a golf marker


●        The magnet on the marker can fall out

Best Golf Club Brush Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider when choosing a golf club brush. For example, it is essential to consider how often you play and the significant issues you deal with. Do you have dirt, sand, or random particles that gather in the grooves? Here are some tips to consider while shopping for a golf club brush.

●  Portability

In most cases, the golf bag features a carabiner for easy carrying and portability when traveling around the golf course. The retractable carabiner will allow you to remove and replace it when needed.

●  Price

Golf club brushes are typically inexpensive, even if they occasionally need to be replaced. You may want to invest in a higher-end cleaner, but these usually cost more than $30, so it might not be worth it. The best option would probably be something between $10 and $20, which can do the job just fine.

●  Functionality

There are many golf club brushes; some use towels with intricate knits designed to fit in the groves of clubs, and others have brushes meant for longer irons or hybrids. Some also include the best golf divot tools in them. But before you purchase any type, make sure it suits your playing style.

●  Durability

Invest in a durable golf club brush to keep your golf clubs in top condition. The brush bristles must be of high quality and withstand heavy usage. Having an extra tool that helps maintain shoe hygiene while keeping clubs clean may also make life easier for your club.

●  Nylon Brush Head

A nylon brush can remove dirt and grass from your club face. Some come with dual heads; one side has nylon bristles while the other has steel wire bristles, which are appropriate only for cleaning out deep scratches and grooves because they are so sharp. Nylon brushes are softer than steel or titanium clubs and don’t risk scratching your top surface, so keep those close to hand.

best golf club brush

Best Golf Brush – FAQ

1.   How should golf club heads be cleaned?

The quickest way to keep your golf clubs pristine is by removing dirt from them when it adheres to your clubs. You can easily remove mud from your golf club if you take care of it right after a shot. With most golf kits today, you can use the brush to clean the club face or a wet wipe or polishing cloth to wipe them down from one end to the other.

You will need water, a solution, and a brush to remove dirt and grime from your clubs. Be gentle but persistent when brushing the club head so that all nooks and crannies are free from residue. Give your club a light wipe with a towel after one round to ensure it is ready for later use.

2.   Is it possible to wash golf clubs with dish soap?

You can use dish soap to clean golf clubs without causing any harm. Your golf club’s can be cleaned with dish soap like fairy liquid, which is a mild detergent. One or two drops of fairy liquid will work wonders, and it is cheap and easy to obtain.

3.   Are golf brushes capable of scratching clubs?

Most golf brushes on the market are made of soft enough steel bristles so as not to scratch the surface of a golf club. However, those softer bristles cannot be used for titanium clubs such as hybrids or fairway woods because they may cause scratch damage.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this article, we hope you understand why golf club brushes are essential. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which one will work best for you. The Report Golf Club Brush offers an excellent solution as it comes with everything that a golfer could ever need from such a set, including an ergonomic handle and a double brush-cleaning head.