Best Golf Cart Cigar Holder: 5 Top Picks

A cigar holder for golf carts is not just about practicality — it’s a statement of style and convenience. These small accessories must not only secure a variety of cigar sizes but also withstand the movement and vibrations of a golf cart over varied terrains. When selecting the ideal cigar holder, one should consider the material’s durability, how firmly the holder grips the cart, and whether it can accommodate different cigar diameters without compromising the cigar’s structure.

The critical aspects to keep in mind revolve around securing your cigar effectively without interrupting the flow of the game. A holder with a robust clip ensures that it stays attached to the cart in various conditions, while a user-friendly design allows for easy operation, even with just one hand. We have engaged in extensive product testing, considering various key factors to bring forth the best golf cart cigar holders, highlighting the ones that provide an optimal balance of security, ease of use, and quality design. With these essentials in mind, let us guide you to some of the top choices that stand out in the market.

Best Golf Cart Cigar Holders

In our search for the finest accessories for golf enthusiasts, we’ve discovered the most reliable golf cart cigar holders on the market. These holders are a perfect blend of functionality and convenience, ensuring your cigar is secure and accessible throughout your golfing experience. We’ve considered various designs, from magnetic to clamp-based solutions, to cater to different preferences and cart types. Our selection is geared to enhance your game by keeping your cigar undamaged and within easy reach, so you can focus on enjoying your round of golf.

Our Top Pick

6 in 1 Golf Cigar Holder

Offers the ability to repair divots, mark your ball, hold a cigar, hold your club to keep the grips dry, cigar clip holder for golf carts and a cigarette holder for golf.

We recommend this nifty gadget for any golfer who likes to enjoy a cigar on the course without the hassle.


  • Versatility is unmatched, serving as a 6-in-1 tool.
  • Strong magnetic hold attaches securely to the cart.
  • Maintains cigars in pristine condition while you focus on your game.


  • The magnet may not withstand very bumpy rides.
  • It’s a tad small for larger cigars.
  • Doesn’t clamp cigars, which may be a concern for some.

After taking this gadget out for a round of golf, its utility quickly becomes apparent. Not only does it keep your cigar off the ground and away from pesticides and chemicals, but it also firmly grips onto your golf cart. The days of fumbling for a ball marker are over, too, as the magnetized add-on is always within reach.

This little marvel also proved its worth when it came to divot repair, tidying up greens with minimal effort. By standing up my wedge with this tool, I kept the grip dry, which is essential for a good swing. For golfers who enjoy the finer things, like a decent cigar on the fairway, this tool elevates the golfing experience.

The magnetic strength was very strong when traversing rougher terrain. Larger cigars rest as snugly as I would have liked and it is a great divot tool as well. For those expecting a clamp-style holder, take note that this design provides a ledge, not a clamp, which works well but might not meet everyone’s cigar security needs.

Overall, it rates as our pick for the best golf cart cigar holder on the market.

WALKV Cigar Clip Trio

We believe these holders are a practical buy for golfing enthusiasts who enjoy a smoke on the course, thanks to their vibrant design and ease of use.


  • The variety in colors ensures they’re easily spotted.
  • Can be clipped to many objects, enhancing versatility.
  • Sturdy ABS plastic construction withstands regular usage.


  • The clamp may lack grip strength on some golf cart models.
  • Could snugly fit larger cigars better.
  • Occasional packaging mishaps with missing units reported.

Having recently taken the WALKV Cigar Clip Trio out for a spin on the greens, we can say it certainly adds convenience to our golfing sessions. The colorful clips are hard to miss, even when the game gets intense. These clips also proved durable – they didn’t succumb to the wear and tear you might expect from the frequent opening and closing.

Attaching it to various carts was mostly hassle-free, although on certain models the fit was less secure than we’d prefer. It was nothing a little adjustment in positioning couldn’t fix, but it’s still worth noting. Plus, for those of us who prefer a sturdier grip, this might be a slight letdown.

Our comrade had a good chuckle when he realized an extra unit was AWOL due to a packaging error, but customer service was quick to address the oversight. Although the holder grips cigars well enough, those who favor a wider gauge might find the fit a bit snug. All in all, the WALKV Cigar Clip Trio got the job done, keeping our cigars safe and off the turf without a hitch.


We found the ZMRDLUCKBOY Cigar Holder to be a reliable accessory for golfers who enjoy a smoke on the course without the worry of damaging their cigar.


  • Excellent grip on both the cigar and golf cart
  • Made with durable aluminum alloy, not prone to breakage like some plastic options
  • Versatile in attachment with strong magnets and adaptability to various surfaces


  • The magnetic feature, while strong, may not stick to all types of surfaces
  • For some, the size of the holder might seem larger than necessary
  • The clamping mechanism can feel stiff, potentially posing a challenge for one-handed operation

On the freshly groomed greens, we immediately noticed how the sturdy construction of the ZMRDLUCKBOY Cigar Holder allowed for a crisp swing without a second thought about the safety of our cigars. The aluminum alloy did not just add to the resilience but also gave it a sleek look that added a touch of class to our cart.

The wide holder cradled our cigars gently, yet with a secure grasp that ensured it remained in place, despite the jolts and movement as we navigated across the bumpy fairways. Thanks to the accessory’s smart design, our cigars avoided damage typically caused by less considerate clamps.

A standout feature was the exceptionally strong magnet, which fastened the holder firmly to the cart, keeping the cigars accessible anytime. Understandably, not all golf carts have the same amount of metal for the magnet to latch onto, but this wasn’t a significant issue for us. In scenarios where a magnetic mount wasn’t an option, its flexibility to be used on flat surfaces with the included adhesive metal came in handy.

In sum, the ZMRDLUCKBOY Cigar Holder proved to be more than just a mere gadget; it was a reliable companion for our smoke breaks on the course. It might seem a bit oversized to some, but its utility far outweighed this minor caveat. Despite the clamp’s stiffness, a little practice made it easier to use, and we soon enjoyed its full benefits with ease.

DESERT FOX Golf Cigar Holder

We found this cigar holder to be a handy companion on the golf course, particularly for those who like to keep their cigars and phones within easy reach.


  • Effortlessly attaches to the phone caddy for convenience
  • Accommodates all cigar sizes without issue
  • Comes with a microfiber bag for storage


  • Phone caddy is sold separately, increasing overall cost
  • The magnet strength may be insufficient in some units
  • A few users might find it less valuable for the price

Having recently had the chance to use the DESERT FOX Golf Cigar Holder, we were quite pleased with the ease of integration into our golf routine. Snapping it onto the existing phone caddy happened in seconds, and it was ready to go. Being able to keep a cigar secure and off the grass—away from chemicals and moisture—was the standout feature. Plus, the versatility to handle various cigar sizes meant our whole group could use it, no matter their preferred brand.

During a full day out, none of us had to fumble around for our stogies nor worry about them rolling away or getting damaged. It’s such a simple luxury, but it genuinely elevates the golfing experience. Having the cigar at our fingertips allowed undistracted focus on the game.

Admittedly, there were a few quirks to consider. For golfers who don’t already own the corresponding phone caddy, there’s an additional purchase required. Also, one of us did notice that the magnet wasn’t as strong as we’d hoped, which meant repositioning the holder a couple of times throughout the day. And understandably, value is subjective; a couple of our buddies were on the fence about whether the convenience justified the expense.

On balance though, the DESERT FOX Golf Cigar Holder integrated neatly into our game day gear, providing easy access and a touch of class to our rounds of golf.


We believe the STAGE V CLINGER is a solid buy for any golfer who enjoys a good cigar on the course thanks to its strong grip and versatility.


  • Exceptional magnetic hold ensures stability
  • Accommodates various cigar sizes without damage
  • Versatile, with included velcro strap for non-metal surfaces


  • Can be easy to lose due to its compact size
  • Magnets may scratch certain surfaces if not handled carefully
  • Users must be cautious to avoid wrapper damage when inserting the cigar

After attaching the STAGE V CLINGER to my golf cart during the last outing, I found its magnetic strength quite impressive. The ride was smooth without any slips or drops. Its grip design proved to be gentle, securely hugging my cigar without leaving marks or causing any tears.

The added convenience was noticeable when I switched to a pushcart. I just switched using the included velcro strap; it was as straightforward as the magnetic attachment but catered to the non-metal interface. Plus, the size makes it super portable – it fit right into my bag’s side pocket with ease.

Yet, it’s this compactness that also makes it a bit tricky. I had to be extra vigilant not to leave it behind after the 18th hole – it’s small enough to overlook. On top of that, while the magnetic hold is a pro, I’d caution against slapping it on sensitive metallic surfaces, it could leave a mark. And a gentle hand is needed when placing the cigar into the holder; it’s a minor concern, but you don’t want a nick on your cigar’s wrapper.

Top Golf Cart Cigar Holder Buying Guide

Considerations When Choosing a Golf Cart Cigar Holder

When looking for the ideal cigar holder for your golf cart, we should prioritize several features to ensure we find a product that meets our needs.


Firstly, we need to confirm the holder is compatible with the make and model of our golf cart. It should securely attach without causing damage or requiring modifications.

Attachment Style

  • Clamp: Attaches to the cart’s frame or dashboard
  • Magnetic: Uses a magnet to stick to metal surfaces
  • Adhesive: Sticks directly to a flat surface

Material Quality

Choose a holder made of durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Materials to Look For

  • Metal: Offers longevity and sturdiness, but check for rust resistance
  • Plastic: Can be durable and weather resistant, ensure it’s high-quality
  • Silicone: Provides grip and flexibility, making it less likely to break

Design and Features

The design should cater to the size of cigars we enjoy, and have features that add convenience.

Features to Consider

  • Size: Ensures it fits our preferred cigar diameter
  • Ease of Use: Simple to attach and remove the cigar without hassle
  • Adjustability: Allows flexibility in angle and position

Design Elements

Spring LoadKeeps cigar secure during movement
Draining HolePrevents water accumulation
Easy CleanDetachable parts for simple maintenance

Safety and Stability

A robust holder will keep our cigar safe and prevent it from falling out while we navigate the course.

User Experience

Lastly, we want a holder that won’t interfere with the operation of the golf cart and provides an unobtrusive and practical user experience.

Experience Considerations

  • Accessibility: Position the cigar within easy reach
  • Non-obstructive: Does not impede the view or use of controls

By carefully examining these factors, we can select a golf cart cigar holder that is a reliable and suitable companion for our golfing sessions.

Best Golf Cart Cigar Holder

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right golf cart cigar holder involves considering specific features that enhance the golfing experience. We address common inquiries to aid in making informed choices.

What are the key features to look for in a golf cart cigar holder?

The key features include a secure grip to prevent cigars from falling, weather resistance, and the ability to accommodate different cigar sizes. A holder that can easily attach to various surfaces on the golf cart is highly beneficial.

How do magnetic cigar holders for golf carts compare to traditional ones?

Magnetic cigar holders offer a modern solution with a strong magnet that allows for easy attachment to metal surfaces. They are typically more adaptable than traditional clasp models and can be quickly repositioned as needed.

What are the most durable golf cart cigar holders available?

Durable golf cart cigar holders are usually made from materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic. Look for holders that are rust-resistant and have a sturdy construction to withstand the outdoor elements and the rigors of the game.

Are there any multi-functional cigar holders for golf carts?

Yes, some cigar holders are designed with additional features such as clips for attaching to golf cart rails, drink holders, or spots for holding accessories. These multi-functional holders provide convenience by keeping all essentials within reach.

What is the best way to secure a cigar on a golf cart during play?

The best way to secure a cigar during play is to use a holder that clamps firmly onto the golf cart and provides a snug fit for the cigar, ensuring that it stays in place even on rough terrain. Look for adjustable designs that can accommodate various cigar diameters for a secure hold.