Best Golf Cart Accessories – 5 Top Selling Accessories

If you are a golfer, you might be looking for some accessories to make your life easier. Golf carts are a great advantage as they include several means of comfort to the golf player by allowing you to roam in a small wagon saving time and energy.

However, the main question is what accessories you should choose. It is not a good practice to overload your cart with too much stuff, especially the ones you do not need, and that is what this guide is all about.

Moreover, it will help you choose the five best golf cart accessories that will benefit you in several ways. Therefore, let us look at the article below before you begin selecting random accessories on your own.

Best Golf Cart Accessories to Add to Your Cart

  1. Rearview Mirrors

When riding on a golf cart, you would need rearview mirrors since it is a vehicle, and you do not want to hit something while on your way. Thus, a nice pair of left and right rearview mirrors are handy to check if the surroundings are clear.

Our Top Pick

Nokins Golf Cart Side Mirrors

These mirrors do not require any drilling which makes installation a breeze and just takes a couple minutes.


These mirrors offer a side view with an adjustable angle. The best part is they require no installation or drilling like many other alternatives. Therefore, you can quickly fix them on your sides to get a sizable clear vision within five minutes.


  • Quick fixation
  • Easy to adjust
  • No drilling needed
  • Premium Quality
  • Flexible design


  • It might get loose over time
  1. Portable Speakers

We all like listening to our favorite songs on a lovely sunny afternoon. Likewise, roaming around in fresh air calls for some relaxing music which you can tune in if you get one of the best blueethooth speaker for golf carts.

Our Top Pick

Bushnell Wingman GPS Golf Speaker

The Bushnell Wingman not only has high quality audio but also the ability to receive audible GPS Distances


These portable bluetooth speakers allow you to pair with several mobile phones and offer built-in aux cable support. Moreover, you can attach it to the steel surfaces and adjust it to the cart cover. In addition, the speakers come with a sturdy design for outer covering, making them a waterproof product. Also, it can make a good fit for a golf lover.


  • Portable
  • Waterproof functionality
  • Weather Radio
  • Integrated Can Opener
  • Good Bass


  • It takes a long to charge
  • A bit expensive
  1. Phone Caddies

In a world full of technical gadgets, we all have our mobile phones by our side all the time, no matter what day. Checking and scrolling through our favorite social media applications never go unnoticed. Thus, a phone caddy would be of great use when you are on your golf cart and a loved one rings a call.

Our Top Pick

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

This best selling golf phone caddy attaches to your golf cart in just seconds and holds your phone sturdy.


Desert Fox phone holder is one of the best-selling phone caddies and uses modern technology. In addition, it catches up with hard covers to protect your mobile from sliding away. Moreover, it is available in various colors and has a tiny microfiber bag for storage.


  • Keeps phone safe
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy to mount


  • Less sturdy
  • Not suitable with the Otterbox case
  1. Waterproof Cover

A cover would prove helpful if you park your golf cart outside as it can save it from rainstorms. Also, it keeps the cart free from dust particles that may ruin the engine and decrease battery life. Therefore, check the golf cart cover from Himal below:

Our Top Pick

Himal Waterproof Golf Cart Cover

The Himal golf cart cover is waterproof and highly durable providing excellent protection for your golf cart


This Waterproof Golf cart cover is made of polyester and offers excellent durability. It is the perfect size for the four-seater golf cart but may fold and adjust to 2 seaters with no issues. In addition, the cover comes with a double-sewn zipper to prevent leakage during rain and storms. It also protects the cart from UV radiation on sunny days.


  • Durable
  • Windproof buckle
  • Superior Zipper
  • Anti-UV


  • Lacks fitting hooks
  • Not the perfect size for 2-seat carts
  1. Seat Safety Grab

Do you own a couple of friends or little kids who like to travel with you on the golf cart? Then, it would be best to have a safety grab holder because your front seat will not have enough space to fit them all. Moreover, the people sitting at the backside need support to hold whenever the cart takes a turn.

Our Top Pick

Huskey Golf Cart Rear Handrail

This rear handrail adds much more safety to those riding in the back of the golf cart and is easy to install.


Check this rear seat safety grab with a metal footplate that can go with any golf cart model. Furthermore, it does not require any drilling. Huskey provides a one-year warranty and ensures durability and quality products.


  • One piece fitting
  • Strong and Stylish
  • Easy Installation
  • One-year warranty
  • Value for money


  • It takes time to adjust

Golf Cart Accessories – Buying Guide


Now you know what keeps dragging you to buy some accessories. It’s the ease you wish to bring into your life. Hence, you can save time and effort. Thus, whatever you purchase must be good enough to make your life easier. However, do not get yourself into complicated stuff that could be hard to operate, so always aim for simplicity.


Another factor you should consider is the accessory’s price. We do not want you to buy anything too costly; if it gets damaged, you will need a loan to get a new one. Always stay on the safe side and aim for average and affordable rates. However, in the meantime, do not compromise on the quality.


Before getting an accessory or a new handy gadget, decide if it will last at least six months. Otherwise, you may want to switch options and look for a more durable product. Cheaply priced accessories may attract your attention initially, but they will wear out much faster. Therefore, choose a quality product that offers guaranteed durability.

best golf cart accessories

Top Golf Cart Accessories – (FAQs)

  1. Which golf cart is better – gas or electric?

The golf carts come in two types, either electric or gas carts. If you need to know the pros and cons before spending money randomly, then this section will help. As in cars and other vehicles, we have gas golf carts that need to be filled with fuel every time the tank is empty. That makes it a bit noisy due to the engine and lasts much longer due to its prolonged durability.

In contrast, the electric golf carts work like phones and other electronic devices. They need charging for the batteries to remain functional. However, the journey is much smoother comparatively and less noisy.

In the case of performance, electric golf carts are a bit delicate, and you need to handle them with more care. The gas cart option is a good choice if you want to use a golf cart and travel daily, and it is more powerful because the engine can handle around 10-15 HP.

On the contrary, gas golf carts are easier to maintain and fix if an issue arises. At the same time, you would need to adjust or replace the batteries for an electric cart, which can be pretty expensive.

Thus, choose an electric golf cart if you want the ease of use and lightweight handling. Likewise, if you think you need a stricter option that gives good performance and lasts in all situations, then a gas golf cart will be your friend.

  1. How do I maintain a golf cart?

Maintenance is necessary when you are dealing with vehicles. If you want to keep your golf carts for extended periods, you must take good care of them. Make sure to charge the batteries and not let the engine heat up.

Moreover, keep the cart in a clean and dry place and avoid parking the cart in direct sunlight. In addition, when loading your golf cart, do not put much weight and keep it light.

  1. What is the best way to store a golf cart?

There are a variety of options for golf cart storage you might want to consider. If you own a garage for your car, that is where your golf cart would go and is the safest place. However, if not, you still have a few other ways to keep it secure.

Choose a dry and clean place like a shed around your area. However, ensure that the golf cart can easily move in and out of the shed quickly. Another safe space could be a deck outside, or a porch could work too, as long as it keeps it safe from rain and direct sunlight.

Wrapping It Up

Filling a golf cart with unnecessary stuff is expensive and will not align with your needs. This guide brings a list that will satisfy your requirements and offer excellent quality. Moreover, we have a buying guide, in the end, to help you save time when filling your shopping cart online. So, make a list of all the essential accessories according to your requirements to save time. Happy golfing!