The Best Way To Clean Golf Clubs – 5 Best Options

Golf is a great game that many people love to play. Having neat and clean clubs on the golf course adds to the beauty of the game. A golf club covered with dust will impact your play, and the ball motion will annoy you. The grooves need to be clean to smooth the gameplay, and the ball will not rebound off the face.

Have you ever seen a golf club that is clean and well-kept? Have you ever thought about how they keep it in such defined conditions? Do you want others to admire and enjoy playing golf at your golf course? If you are seeking answers to these questions, this is the right place. We have covered all the correct ways to clean golf clubs and the best products you need.

The Best Way to Clean Golf Clubs

Cleaning the iron and the wooden parts and eliminating the rust from the golf club are efficient ways of cleaning the golf club. For this purpose, you will also need a few products that you can buy from Amazon. We will list the products to make them easier for you.

You may clean golf irons using traditional methods. Fill the pail with heated water and add approximately three tablespoons of dish soap or detergent to the bowl. Then, submerge the iron in water for about five minutes. Afterward, remove the irons and clean them with a soft-bristled brush. Give the grooves of the club’s head a thorough cleaning. Additionally, you may use a brush or tee to enter the tracks.

Repeat rinsing the irons, then dry the clubs with a towel. Also, it is a crucial step, as keeping your clubs damp might lead to rust accumulation, giving them an unattractive appearance and decreasing their resale value. Moreover, the driver’s and putters’ cleaning methods are the same as the golf irons. You must remember that you can’t dip them in water since they use a diverse metal. Water immersion can damage its quality. On the contrary, clean the club using a cloth or soft-bristled brush dipped in a pail of warm water with soap or a dishwasher. Also, be sure to clean the grooves and the crown and sole.

The grip is a critical component of golf irons. Use a moist towel to clean and extend the life of your grips by wiping them down with water after each game. Ensure the cloth is not overheated since this might compromise the hold.

The Best Golf Club Cleaning Products

Our Top Pick

Leopong Golf Club Cleaning Kit

Leopong iron polishing solution contains special ingredients for golf clubs to help remove stains and make your clubs shiny.


This cleaning package for golf clubs is a three-in-one solution. This kit lets you swiftly clean your irons, drivers, and golf equipment. Leopong, as the leading golf care brand, will repair your clubs. When you clean the grooves on your club, you will increase the spin and improve your ability to control the ball’s flight.

The Leopong kit will boost your confidence, allowing you to play more accurate strokes. A clean grip will allow you to get control of your game and swing harder. Your clubs will also look and feel fantastic. Using the Iron Polishing Solution, you can remove blemishes and scratches from your clubs.


  • Easy usage to boost the cleaning process
  • Remove scratches to make the club brand new
  • Easy golf ball cleaning to make a perfect ball flight
  • Grip enhancement to improve handling


  • High price and less availability
Best For Quick Cleaning

Grove Caddy Golf Club Cleaner

This convenient, hand held automatic cleaner can easily be used before, during or after your round.


The Groove Caddy G2 is a novice system focusing on efficient and top-notch golf club cleaning. The Caddy cleaner is handheld with a rechargeable 1400 MAH battery life. Also, the motor is efficient with a 1,120 RPM speed. You can use it anytime during golf games or practice sessions. Furthermore, the Groove Caddy will optimize the performance and upkeep of golf clubs by excavating and cleaning the grooves. The Groove Caddy is designed to clean the tracks of golf clubs more efficiently and rapidly than a manual brush or cloth.


  • Non-abrasive nylon bristles for easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for long-lasting use
  • Rubber grip handles for efficient use
  • USB and a wall charger make up the box


  • Not an ergonomic design for use

Best For Clubs, Grips and Balls

Stixx Golf Club Cleaner

Best for cleaning your clubs, grip and golf balls. Just spray on and wipe off! Easily removes dirt, mud, sand and grass.


The STIXX Golf Club Cleaner provides comprehensive maintenance for your clubs, grip, and balls. Simply spray and wipe as required. STIXX Golf Club and Grip Cleaner can assist in rectifying many issues. The cleaner thoroughly cleans the grooves to improve ball contact. Also, it eliminates the accumulation of sweat and grime, which produces a firm grip.

It also gives a better grip for a more controlled swing, resulting in more accurate ball striking and more backspin. Furthermore, this product revitalizes the appearance and feel of your grip by restoring its natural tackiness. Utilizing our cleaning helps to preserve and extend the lifetime of your grips.


  • Extend the life of your grip with regular cleaning
  • Fast spraying for debris removal and efficient cleaning
  • Biodegradable
  • Odorless, non-sticky composition


  • The quick deterioration of brushes upon use

Best All-In-One Option

Bite Golf Club and Grip Cleaner

This all in one golf cleaning solution will help maintain your clubs, grips, and balls with the expertly formulated cleaner. 


If you are searching for a solution to meet all your golf club cleansing needs, Bite golf club cleaner is there for you. The best part about this golf club cleaner is that you can use it for multiple purposes, such as maintenance of your clubs, irons, and balls, without harming their texture and functionality.

It comes with a cozy and comfortable connection cable and an ergonomic handle, making it simple to clean your clubs. Moreover, it includes bronze and nylon combined or nylon-only brush heads. Therefore, you can clean club heads without snagging clubs, towels, or fingers. You can create an extra spin on the ball and execute strokes with greater precision and control.

It is also a great way to clean your grips to make them more tacky (if you struggle with your grips, check out our best golf gloves for sweaty hands)


  • A one-stop-shop solution for cleaning your golf club
  • Convenient bag clip to make carrying easy
  • Renew the natural tackiness of your golf iron grips
  • Fully satisfaction guarantees the quality


  • Require more products for effective cleaning

Best Towel For Cleaning Clubs

Aebor Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel

Microfiber towel with a waffle design that helps removes dirt, mud, and sand. Also includes a 2 sided brush.


Arbor provides golfers with a top-notch solution for cleaning their golf clubs. The Arbor Microfiber waffle pattern towel is a high-quality fabric with multiple folds to uplift the cleaning process. It removes the filth efficiently. It also has a two-sided brush that works wonderfully for cleaning golf irons and wood.

Cleanse your golf clubs, grip, and balls with this towel. It lets you quickly eliminate sludge from the golf grip. With clean golf grips, you can enhance your performance. Thanks to the refurbished grips’ inherent tactility, you can obtain a revitalized grip that feels brand new. Moreover, regular cleaning preserves and prolongs the life of grips. Regular and disciplined club cleansing improves their accuracy and distance. Better ball contact leads to improved ball flight and more backspin.


  • Value-pack combo for effective golf club cleaning
  • Diversity of colors to match your golf bag
  • Scratch-free and antistatic, super absorbent golf towel
  • Robust brush for smooth wiping of dirt


  • Less thick and attract debris

Best Way To Clean Golf Clubs – Buying Guide

When looking for a golf club cleaner, many components need consideration. Here are some things to consider while looking for golf club cleaners.

  • Functionality

Some golf club cleaners have a cloth with a unique weave designed to clean the club’s grooves. Other golf club cleaning equipment will have a brush suitable for irons and hybrids. Each golf club cleaner has a unique set of capabilities, and you must choose which is optimal for your game.

  • Durability

The finest golf club brushes are long-lasting and will endure for years. Sometimes it is advantageous to guarantee that the brush’s bristles will withstand repeated use. You may also use a golf club cleaner to clean your shoes.

  • Portability

A golf club cleaner must be transportable. Most of the products on our list have a carabiner for attaching the golf cleaner to the bag, allowing you to move about the golf course with the cleaner in place.

best way to clean golf clubs

Cleaning Your Golf Clubs – FAQs

  1. How often should you wash golf clubs?

The majority of golfers clean their clubs during or after each round. A few individuals cleanse their clubs after every couple of games. Additionally, some individuals tend to their clubs every three to six months. It relies on the design and performance of the golf club.

  • Is cleaning golf clubs after every use necessary?

To enhance the effectiveness of each club, consider a deep clean at least once every few rounds. In addition, it is advisable to clean your clubs professionally at the season’s end.


The cleaning process of golf clubs is effortless, cost-effective, and time efficient. Establishing a regular cleaning routine for your golf clubs will make it much simpler to keep them looking and functioning better for longer. And the more frequently your clubs are cleaned, the better.